A Former Hotel In Milwaukee Is Now Home To 170 Chinese Teen Students (HBO)

The number of Chinese students enrolling at American secondary schools is on the rise–and if the success of the Wisconsin International Academy is any indication, it will grow exponentially in the years ahead.

VICE News Tonight visits a former hotel in Milwaukee that is now home to 170 Chinese teenagers. They have left their families on the other side of the world to study for a better future in the American Midwest.

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37 thoughts on “A Former Hotel In Milwaukee Is Now Home To 170 Chinese Teen Students (HBO)

  1. When immigrants are competent to work,
    — “they're stealing our jobs!”
    When immigrants have no skill to work,
    — “they're leeching on you, taxpayers!”
    Some right-wingers be like.
    Anyway, competent immigrants should be welcome!

  2. I’m perfectly fine with the hard working Asians coming here in large numbers. it’s when the welfare leaches come over where it becomes a huge issue. Merit means everything. Nobody owes you shit in this world.

  3. My school's base tuition for day students is $45K and international/boarding students have to pay $55K+ for their tuition + boarding. But then again, my school is ranked one of the top in the nation. I have never heard of this random school is Wisconsin

  4. Of course China would send their kids to study in the US and Canada or Europe. White people have thousands of years of advancements before every other nation. Europe and North America are the 1st world. Asia and Africa are the 3rd world. It's only logically to learn from the 1st world.

  5. I find it absolutely absurd that people still want to send their kids to school here, even when we can't even pay our own teachers a decent salary to the point where there is a shortage of teachers in our schools. The concept of the American dream is the worst earworm people will never get over smh

  6. China needs reform its education system so that the Chinese students don't need go abroad for studying. The Chinese education system needs to have more choice, the Chinese school system should allow the students what kind of major they are interested, no need to force them to learn the subjects the students don't like. If they are continuing to do like this as usual, their smartest and brightest students would leave the country….it is called brains drain. As this video has shown, for just high school education, Chinese parents have to pay $40,000 to $50,000 each year of high school, that it is very expensive, indeed.

  7. This is one part trade surplus for the U S with China, and Trump doesn't see it and never mentioned on his news conference……the Chinese students …either middle school, high school, college or university students, the students' parents pay big money to send their children here.

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