VICE News Daily: Record Number of People Displaced by Conflict

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Mass grave discovered on Venezuela-Colombia border, Ukrainian pilot ordered to remain in Russian custody, Syrian president makes rare public appearance, and a new report says a record 38 million people have been forced from their homes.

Mass Grave Discovered Near Colombian Border
Police dug up the badly decomposed bodies of six men and a woman, and say there could be others.

Court Extends Detention of Ukrainian Military Pilot
Nadia Savchenko will remain behind bars at least until June 30. Kiev and Washington are calling for her immediate release.

President Assad Says Military Setbacks are ‘Normal’
The embattled leader made the comments regarding the army’s latest territorial losses.

Report Claims Record Number of Internally Displaced People
​Violence and armed conflict have forced at least 38 million people from their homes, 11 million in 2014 alone.​

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25 thoughts on “VICE News Daily: Record Number of People Displaced by Conflict

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  3. @Mohammed Said Hey, were (American citizens) trying to vote for change, and make sure people with warped ideology dont get into power to do such things. It is not our intention to screw the people in the middle east. We've let the far right of our political party rule for far too long, and were trying to change that. Obama may not be perfect but he is trying to gradually pull us away from middle eastern affairs with the withdrawal of our military, and peace talks with Iran.

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  6. Number of people displaced by secular violence inspired through Islam Vs People displaced by natural disasters…..The middle east is a disaster and there is nothing natural about it.

  7. Vice news you suck, you upload 1 video every day. Is this what journalism means to you people? No news on the weekends and only 1 two minute video uploaded every day EXCLUDING weekends? Bullshit news, I supported you from the beginning and you spit in our faces.

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