Mexican Deportees and Outsourced Labor

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Tijuana, Mexico, is a limbo for deportees from the United States. People keep showing up in the city while U.S. immigration policies get tougher. Between 2002 and 2012, deportations to Mexico more than doubled, from 122,058 to 306,870, according to the Department of Homeland Security. Many were deported for non-violent or relatively minor infractions.

In many cases, these deportees are returned to a country where they might have been born but know little about as adults. They might speak little or no Spanish, and are further seen as pariahs for sporting gang tattoos. Opportunities for work in Tijuana remain limited for such deportees, except in a sector that is enjoying a boom period in Mexico, telemarketing.

Call centers offer English-speaking deportees a chance to have a steady income in jobs-strapped Mexico. They also get to put their language skills to use. Telemarketers gain a geographically close work-force of English native-speakers, but at Mexican labor costs. VICE News traveled to Tijuana to meet a few of the thousands of deportees who were raised in the United States and are now forming new lives back in Mexico, thanks to their steady jobs at a U.S. call center.

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25 thoughts on “Mexican Deportees and Outsourced Labor

    ICE do not send you back due to minor traffic stops, running red lights. They get sent back for major crimes committed and/or accumulation of minor crimes

  2. i am so sick and tired of hearing that if i run a stop sign it's a crime, but if an illegal runs a stop sign it's not a crime because no one was killed. the average illegal breaks at least 3 laws daily but if you ask them or their democratic party funded layer both will explain that their not breaking the law because they didn't kill anyone, so their not criminals. makes me wanna scream. as a veteran i shed no tears for a deported veteran. being a veteran does not give you special rights. if you choose to break the law be ready to live in mexico, no tears brother.

  3. Mexico is a top 10 producer of engineers and a top 15 economy. TJ has tech jobs. In central Mexico a few cities have become tech hubs. The auto industry has also created jobs. Queretaro has the aerospace industry. When people get deported they need to stop letting the self pity ruin them and go and do something. So many people just stay at the border and fall into homelessness and drugs.

  4. He hasn't changed if he indeed had change in him he'd tattoo over his gang tattoos don't lie to me!!!! Why does this dude want to come back, he basically has a wife,kids,house ,job. Over here he was a gang banger doing prison time ,stupid mother fucker wants to come back ,to what ? crime,drugs ,go back to prison to take orders from low life heroin addicts … He misses his family over here in the U.S.A. I bet they don't want to see him back over here ,he's better off in mexico. Should of not fucked around should of went to school for a trade he could have been prepared to thrive in mexico .

  5. At one point someone says that the majority of people are deported for minor crimes like running a stop light. That statement has to be refuted. It can't be allowed to stand, because people repeat it. Nobody is deported for running a stop light. That's not why they're being deported. That's just why they're pulled over. It's after being pulled over that police find warrants, or find that the person is illegally in the US, which gets them deported. However, to make it sound like people are being deported for running through stop signs is simply disingenuous and irresponsible.

  6. Why weren't they documentary's so public when Obama was in office? Funny how they are everywhere now Trump is President. That's the media for you… Most of these people were deported under Obama. But No matter what side you land on of the political side , no vets should be deported. Shame on both presidents for not making sure they got citizenship while in America. If you fight for your country you should automatically be a citizen. Here everyone is trying to get in America and here I am trying to get out & go to Russian. I'll gladly give anyone my birth certificate and I.D. for a ticket to Russia or Ukraine $ $3,000.00 for real hit me up!

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