Joe Rogan Experience #877 – Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.

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43 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #877 – Jordan Peterson

  1. Listen ppl, this will sound crazy AF to most of you, but look up a side by side pic of Castro as
    young man and Trudeau. It is spooky how much they look alike. Thing is it is known that
    Trudeaus mom was around Castro at the right time for the dates to match up and she was an infamous slut! Here look at this! Now tell me what YOU think!
    P.S. im from Canada and other than from listening to Peterson i have not heard of all the
    ridiculous names tat we are supposedly call these ppl. And if i did, i would NOT humor the
    fuckin idiots who wanted to be called that! Unless i personally cared for that persons feelings..but i highly doubt i would even want to know someone that mentally ill!

  2. "well, maybe not the hard sciences. But the soft sciences, well, I think they are practically all left leaning"
    That's the problem right there: hard science means rigorous analysis of data in controlled experiments. There is no truth just hard facts.
    Soft science is basically a collection of pseudo-scientific principles from pseudo-scientists. Truth is whatever opinion piece just hit the mainstream.

  3. I DO like Jordan Peterson on many fronts. But he also seems to excuse toxic culture and talk as if we as humans cant change as a whole or make things better. And that we should just stop whining, obey and be good lil workers.. andd I fucking oppose that. But I do like a lot of his stuff..

  4. I don't agree with everything Peterson has to say, but that autobiographic bit starting from 1:57:00 has changed my life. Never have I thought that writing about painful memories in way to extract wisdom out of it would've improved my life. Thanks for the tip hombre.

  5. All credibility was lost on both parties with the statement that Constantine was the one responsible for writing the New Testament. What absolute hogwash. We have literal manuscripts that are still surviving from the 1st Century, Constantine did not show up until the 4th Century. He had nothing to do with Christianity except for stopping the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire and converting to the Catholic Faith, which was already in existence before Constantine. As knowledgeable as Peterson is, he should not comment on things and agree with that he knows little of in that regards. Jesus is more than just a type of person that Peterson described Him as, He is literally God. Though this is 2 years old and I know he has since began to look into the Orthodox and Catholic Faith a lot more now.

  6. No Jordan your refusal to use people’s pronouns isn’t dangerous it’s degrading and your position doesn’t make you edgy or sophisticated it just makes you ignorant and lazy you are an absolutely half baked psychologist

  7. Jordan Peterson, super intelligent individual I identify with his idea of how society works. But I feel like he neglects the root causes of social issues sometimes for the purpose of his train of thought. Sure people are incredibly extreme about their protection of their political group, there are however individuals who care about equality of opportunity where there is none.

  8. Dr. Peterson, at about 19:39 indicates that men and women are different classes. Freudian slip? His belief that women and men are of different socioeconomic classes? We could have an interesting discussion on that slip-up all by itself.

  9. What the hell is he talking about leftists deciding to label people!? Like white men haven't been calling blacks N-word, Mexicans wetbacks in their own continent and ancestral lands, women sluts and whores for behaving like them for literally thousands of years!? Etc, etc, etc. Way to attemot to re-write history lying sack of manure!

  10. So joe, I don’t understand why Americans always pick out what they perceive as monstrous with every other leader( let’s remember it was a revolution) but fail to ever mention all of the atrocities of capitalism.. not only in our own country but ya know all those other ones they are “ liberating”
    Come on man, I thought you were smarter than that!

  11. Education is about making money now, so many fake dumb courses, so many seats, not all are getting the job. Alot of stupid people in school. Go to trade school, do something, and then go to school to lean more of it. Do not expect to get a carrer in school, school alot of it, is scam and bullshit. charge you 400 a year for parking? Parking your car you can not afford, because insurance just raped you. Do not go into debt for school.

  12. All this psycho analicktit and testicals, is it performed on the people the enforce this idio-shit? Yearly? I been subjected to these liberal human geniunses? I do beleive most of them are dipping into the drugs, I have ask then to sharem and they always get funny after that. Especially when I piont out the signs of being undee the infulance, they usually have nothing to say, and have to end the session. Once I said I was recording, when I wasn't and I almost went to jail? Do that to a guy that just got out for false accusations? Canada prmote suicde in men, Life insurance companies now cover suicide, and the courtss, lawyers, and even cops promote suicide,and killing men in canada. Life insurance covers if men get killed ny cop, 2 times, some even meore.

  13. All this idiology is just to blind the masses of the corruption. Divercity is strenght in the rulers, not the population. The population would be stronger if united. Countries unite people , socialpath rulers type play that chess game with people to divide. Divercity is division. Only if we all can forget race, and remember nation. We all from a different village, we will mix and become the cities. But But, its broken is so many peices now, but really is not. "…If allowed any rights of their own, they will acknowledge no rights at all in any one else, and never will yield in anything, unless they can be compelled…"

    John Stuart Mill, The Subjection of Women 1869

  14. Lets get a smart mature person to be a PM? Nope, lets get a dumb kid? Trudeau? Ok. Wellhe not working out? Lets get that young wipper A. Sheer? Ok……………………10 years later, people we are in trouble.

  15. Hey there Joe .. I love this guy JP. He is a proper dude tbh just like yourself. I was always a little down on u after what u said about Alex Jones but It's ur opinion and u are entitled to express it in whatever way u choose pal. JP is somebody I only found online this year and I have to say that it's been a total revelation for me personally when I've listened to him speak on the issues of our times. I wanna thank u for having him on so much.
    Listening to u both converse with each other is awesome tbh mate and long may it continue. Massive respect for that. I'm a proper Irishman BTW .. Take it easy lads

  16. Fortunately I was taught these things growing up. My entire belief system is structured around these concepts and has been as far back as I can remember, but they are forever changing and being fine tuned more and more.

  17. This discussion is a straw man in general. While the "if you're white you can't speak on this subject" type of thinking is just idiotic. Peterson's idea that it's only the left lumping groups together to judge them is ridiculous. Then he goes on to use an example from Russia to support his bullshit. Then he does on to say that anyone part of a country/race should be held accountable for their countries/races past crimes is also bullshit. Mostly what is being said is that it should be acknowledged. Which people like Peterson refuse to do. Evidenced by all the morons on social media espousing idiotic hot takes that America never did anything wrong. For example. The idiot that Joe had on the show, Crowder, who tries to white wash history by claiming there were no genocidal events carried out against Native Americans. You really shouldn't have these idiots on your show.

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