Should Firing Squads Replace Lethal Injections? (HBO)

As states struggle with supplies of drugs used for lethal injections and with the fallout from some recent botched executions, some of the 31 states where the death penalty is legal are looking at firing squads as a backup form of execution.

Ronnie Lee Gardner was the last man killed by firing squad in the United States, in 2010. His brother, Randy Gardner, is now an advocate for ending capital punishment.

VICE News talks to Randy as well as reporter Sheryl Worsley, who witnessed the execution. We also speak with a professor who has studied capital punishment and believes that death by firing squad is actually better than death by lethal injection.

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35 thoughts on “Should Firing Squads Replace Lethal Injections? (HBO)

  1. Before this video I watched video "gay men caned in Indonesia" and the comments were very ugly and bad they shaming islam but this video's comments was nice which is killing people by fire squad.
    They only thing I understand was if western do bad thing they care but if the rest of the world do thing they go aggressive.
    Hello world.

  2. FFS stop being anti death penalty just because someone you were close to got executed. If my best friend was found to be an evil person who cold bloodedly murdered people, I would be hesitant, but I would understand that evil people who do this sort of stuff need to be put to death, end of story.

  3. bring back the electric chair… Or hanging…carbon monoxide gas ready available and cheap…. Dying for these oxygen wasters should not be easy,….. Ask their victims families about pain..

  4. People that are truly sick in the head and do things that shouldn’t even be mentioned let alone actually done to people people who do these things need to die it’s simple it’s not mean it’s just a necessary evil.

  5. Okay we will do it in a way that can't be botched or take more than 1 shot. We will using 5 .50 caliber rifles 1 will be loaded. No guilt and whoever is on the recieving end… Well… He will have 2 parts that don't fit together

  6. That’s what they get. There is no humane way to execute, however do they deserve to go out humanely? I don’t think so. Did the murder victim get a quick humane death? Not likely.

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