John Boehner Talks To Shane Smith About Bernie, Hillary And Trump (HBO)

In one of his first interviews since leaving office in 2015, former House Speaker John Boehner spoke to VICE founder Shane Smith about the raucous race for president and his view of Bernie Sanders.

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46 thoughts on “John Boehner Talks To Shane Smith About Bernie, Hillary And Trump (HBO)

  1. So this republican politician-asshole happily caused the unnecessary incarceration of 10's of thousands of people for pot related offenses. Oh!! and now he has changed his mind and it's all peachy keen. Hell, he's gonna make a few bucks off of it. There should be a law whereby politicians who spend their career saying one thing and then upon retirement do the opposite, can be dragged out in the street by a well regulated militia and shot in the face like the lying dogs they are.

  2. LOL all politics aside, and with maybe a bit of bias as I smoke, I have ALWAYS seen distinctive patterns in non-smokers VS smokers! Non-smokers are TYPICALLY liberals TRYING to figure out their cause, and smokers are TYPICALLY conservatives who have a grip! Now, Obama was a smoker, and look at the grip he had on stuff huh? Seriously! As for cancer, and other smoker problems, well, not everyone that smokes ever got cancer, fact! And of course, non-smokers die from a variety of "up tight" related diseases 😉 ~ Everyone just needs to chill, and relax, however they want/need, and for God's sake people, can we knock off all this judgemental crap in this country?!?!?!?!? THAT is what made the 80's so awesome, probably the best time in american history that people didn't JUDGE, but just did their own thing, and everyone got along!!!!!!

  3. I really don't take anyone seriously who becomes a lobbyist for a tobacco company. Like, nobody should listen to this guy anymore. One of the worst things you can do

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