Joe Rogan Experience #501 – Randall Carlson

Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar.

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  1. I have my doubts about this dude. First of all, he is massively overweight, he has at least extra 30 kg on his body, so he doesn't even know how to eat. Secondly, he is too obsessed with just knowledge. Too much obsession with knowledge can be very dangerous and lead away from wisdom, not towards it. Thirdly, his views on the climate debate seemed dubious. That said, I found the interview to be interesting.

  2. Well on the Greenhouse effect matter, Mr. Carlon is correct CO2 is not that much of a contributor. The misconception comes mostly by miss informed social media. The bigger contributors in the Green House effect are methane and Nitrogen oxides. Nitrogen monoxide and dioxide, in particular, don't get absorbed by any natural system and in equal amount Nitrogen oxides have about 300 times the greenhouse effect CO2 produces.

  3. joe goes online and finds a story posted by a liberal that says Marco Rubio said humans have no effect on the climate to try to make Republicans look stupid because this guy is calling out liberal's but Marco Rubio never once said that. He has said over and over that we don't know what effect we are having and that we don't know if we are causing the globe to warm and since we don't know we shouldn't make huge drastic decisions until we know and actually have the debate. but joe could have easily just looked up Rubios own quotes on it but that's not what he wants he wants to make Republicans out to be idiots who just say the climate isn't changing at all. He's been bought long ago

  4. What about when humans get away from the earth's geomagnetic field and they develop "space dementia" ? You hit the nail on the head that human nature will not be fixed in our lifetime on this earth, and moving to space only spreads the problem out that way. The bible has the only answer to the human condition, and death is a requirement in the end. The bible plainly says the current god of this world is satan, not the creator. The creation was meant to be co-ruled between the creator and his council along with man; the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (not just evil by the way, almost everyone misses that) created human nature as we have it today. Why have the tree at all if it was going to cost us? If it wasn't there we wouldn't have had a choice in our own destiny; we were created to be co-creators (angels don't have this capacity). That's what it means to be made in the image of the creator, which means we had to have the capacity to make our own decisions. He isn't forcing his rule or ways on anyone, hence the reason we live in the world we do today because humans have the choice to do what they want; with the flawed nature inherited from the beginning of this current existence of creation. I have a feeling Azazel (satan isn't a name by the way, it's a transliteration of the word "the adversary" and is a title/catch all term like a noun, not a pronoun) was involved with the other watchers in a prior existence, and the new creation was meant to have God's imagers involved in the creation. These watchers usurped the authority of man not by accident, but by knowing that the flawed nature is an injustice to the creator's creation, and his perfect nature requires him to judge the injust; however he gave man free will so he doesn't just insert himself and set everything ablaze. He had to left the creation and took the heaven that was meant to be here with him. You wouldn't let a 15 year old juvenile drive your car or have ownership of your house while you're away; they'd likely damage and destroy both. That's akin to what has happened and why god doesn't strike every atheist down with lightning. They're just ignorant of human nature and god's nature, like most. This episode is barking up the tree of what revelation tells us is going to happen in the end with cataclysmic earth shaking and asteroid impacts. Do we have the capacity and ability to make the right choices to avoid such things… I believe yes. Will we? No. The bible has been in the business of predicting events that come to pass for thousands of years and is alone in that category with the exception of a few others since it was developed (like Mother Shipton and St Malachy, but they were also believers of God and were just unfolding more revelation given to them). Physical life is temporary. Where you'll be after that appears to be infinite according to the bible, and it's not in the business of being wrong despite how much it burns those that want to disbelieve. In the process of focusing on the life that's to come instead of focusing on this one you actually have the ability to overcome your own human nature. If just you just keep searching books and trying to invent a new policy or elect another official to solve the problem you'll never get there, hence the reason we're where we are today. Another fun fact, the lake of fire is never stated to be below the earth. That's where "hades" is, and that's the store-room of souls that weren't redeemed to be born into the new creation; the satan figures own that place, and that's also where the spirits of the nephilim angel-human hybrids went upon death (9/10ths of them, the other tenth are the ones still allowed on the earth that are considered demons; another transliterated word which actually means "knowing ones". Those are the spirits of the deceased that some people take it upon themselves to interact with). Hades isn't the lake of fire in Revelation; I think the sun is the lake of fire. Hades is a place where the fallen angels seem to have rule over and the demons of ages past run amuck torturing humans in unfathomabe ways. There are too many accounts of believers that have been able to see both sides that give ghastly descriptions that are so bad you couldn't even make a movie in hollywood about it. The Saw series comes close, but there are… things you wouldn't think could happen going on as well that transcend physical fear.

  5. I seriously LOVE Randall Carlson, I love it when people actually take the time to do something worth doing and tie these knots together to answer the questions many of us have but have no idea how to find or even where to begin.

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