The Future of News: The People Speak (Part 5/5)

VICE News asked people around the world how they think we should cover the news. Here’s what some of you had to say. Subscribe now:

Many people talk about the future of news, but with the launch of VICE News we have the chance to do something about it. We asked people all over the globe to tell us what they want from us:

“I want a news organization that isn’t afraid to hold those most responsible accountable.”

“VICE News should be dangerous, it should be dangerous for those in power. It should be dangerous for those who want to maintain the status quo.”

“If VICE News wants to make a difference, it definitely needs to have correspondents on the ground. Listening, talking, understanding… all factions”

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50 thoughts on “The Future of News: The People Speak (Part 5/5)

  1. #ViceNews Keep doing what you do. Covering news in places where others don't dare to go, right on the front lines, in the heart of the action. Covering stories that other networks don't even mention, but that could have a serious effect on the world. More stories on the Balkan would be cool too, that area has a lot of shit happening and little coverage by the international community and if you need a translater I would be more then willing to help 😉 haha

  2. The most powerful thing that we can fight against those who had the power is to have our own idea and voince. no people had accomplish such a great success just like VICE, keep working hard, keep pushing hard to advance your front line, you guys are the best!

  3. Immersion journalism as Vice is doing is dangerous.  I thank you for what you have been doing, while realizing you all feel responsible for each other.  People get hurt and killed doing news.  I personally have gotten hurt for doing it without any support network of pay independent from any other work.  Let me say that OK what if you tell about North Korean counterfeiting, and nuclear bomb making and selling.  That will get your ass murdered at a certain point.  In Russia there have been many murders of journalists.  I care about you and want you to go as far as you can without being disappeared.

  4. #VICENEWS Got 3 for ya.
    Get the full story, not just one side or the other but the people in between as well.
    Keep opinions out of it.
    Ask questions that matter, but also ones that identify the individuals motivation & give context.

    But mainly keep up the good work! Don't forget to have fun sometimes tho…

    Publish the raw footage, try not to select too much, don't be biased, show your construction to the audience;yet you try to be very neutral and raw still remind the audience that everything they see is a construct! Encourage people to go out and witness themselves, encourage people to criticize and let people create their own opinion.

  6. Vice is the reason why I finally decided what I want to do with my life. I want to inform people and teach them about the world around them through investigative journalism. Thank you Vice for showing me what true journalism is and teaching me new things about the world every day.

  7. Thank you vice for starting true journalism. I am sorry to agree with some of these comments about certain views being more favored or focused on. However this has sparked a desire for radical guerrilla journalism. Only a matter of time before all news agencies have to follow through. So for that thank you #VICENEWS for setting a bar. 🙂 I still think that every single one of you are some brave mofos.

  8. #1 piece of advice to stay a good news outlet: STAY ON THE INTERNET. the h.b.o. show is awesome but if vice news goes mainly to on air broadcasting you won't be able to show the actual news and will be forced to change the way you cover it. for the same reason vice can't post all their videos to youtube.

  9. Are you SHITTING in my peehole VICE!? "Really important issues that other news outlets just aren't touching right now", 2:09 .And Vice cuts to the shot of homosexual propaganda. If THIS is The Future of News than you have lost my complete support as a subscriber.

  10. VICE should Always keep itself in the middle and not glorify any side in a conflict for example.
    Always stay neutral without bias. That is NOT the case with VICE today.

  11. To me vice is the only real place to get news. I don't want watch or here what a celebrity is doing on there down time. Or to hear about what they think is going on. But I also want some interesting stories stuff you never seen or heard of. And vice does all of it

  12. Vice News is important, it is cutting edge and is not afraid to report the news that the mainstream media is either unwilling or pressured not to report on.

    Long live VICE NEWS!

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