Global News Matters: The People Speak (Part 1/5)

VICE News crossed the globe to ask people how news affects the way we understand our world. From Beirut to Mexico City, turns out we care about a lot of the same things. Subscribe now:

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34 thoughts on “Global News Matters: The People Speak (Part 1/5)

  1. Don't take for granted all the access we have now. Before long, cable mega conglomerates may block internet competitors because consumers access it by subscribing to "their" internet.

  2. lmao. Part of being an adult is knowing how to execute critical thinking. These days there's alot of information but most of it is B.S. You need to hone your thinking to understand when the dots aren't connecting despite the gov telling you emphatically that they do.
    Ultimately, there are not hard decisions. Only uninformed decisions OR decisions that you don't want to take. We all know when something or someone sucks. We all know when we've done a poor job and when we've done a great job. Don't let the liberal media tell you nonesense about how some topic isn't black and white because it is ALWAYS black and white. The media these days are more interested in telling you THEIR analysis than just reporting the facts and letting YOU interpret them as you see fit.
    You've got a brain so don't be a liberal media drone. Being conservative doesn't mean being close minded. It means analyzing facts for yourself , looking at history to see what worked or didn't and why Β and drawing your own conclusions.

    When you're young you want to change the world and that is great! Just make sure that you're taking a course of action based off of sound analysis of the facts on YOUR part. When you believe in something and you understand why that works and why it is a good idea you can sell it to anyone.

  3. The Β way how VICE make news or short films is amazing and impressing.

    I'm also bored of those mainstream social medial Maybe for the most of the time, those people are just want to fool the rest of the world.

  4. I cool idea I had for your channel is for there to be newsworthy events covered live. I saw part of the Thailand live stream. I thought it was a great idea and want more live events. Starting with Ukraine. Β /watch?v=d41cRqLkCk4

  5. Even if you dont like what vice does, it's still 312516725764582357625345762457 times better than the mainstream media these days. I mean look at fox news and then tell me it isn't 100% biased.

  6. How about a full investigation into the Sandy Hook massacre? I would consider ViceNews one of the few organizations who could really get some of the simple questions answered, which are not being answered at all. There are a number of people who are beginning to filing lawsuits, and I would like to see ViceNews help expedite the process. How about it ViceNews?

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