Joe Rogan Experience – End Of The World (from The Comedy Store)

Joe Rogan, Doug Stanhope, and Bill Burr are joined by a rotating group of comedians on November 8, 2016, as results of the election are coming in.

37 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience – End Of The World (from The Comedy Store)

  1. I dont see this as comedians trying to battle each other, who is the funniest dude in the room. I see this as some friends talking sh*t while drinking, you know, like I would do it with my buddies. I liked most of them. Bert seems like such a genuine guy. I'd get drunk with him. Burr is just hilarious and the others were funny as well. No need to hate on anyone.
    (Haven't gotten to the point where the women joined at the time writing this comment. I might update)

  2. 2:58:00 Rogan is leaving poor Burr after he already been working his ass off for 3 hours running the show. Bill says "At least get Doug back out here." (please don't leave me with them)
    Then watch when Russell Peters shows up just in the nick of time & a single tear rolls down Bill's red face.

  3. Who is the guy in the dumb ass suit? Annoying as fuck seriously I could not keep my eyes off homo but how fucking annoying you could tell Joe was getting feed up with his pathetic ass

  4. Fun Fact: If you notice that Sam Tripoli is SO COKE UP that he CAN'T STOP chewing on his own face, you'll never be able to watch this again without feeling disturbed, kind of grossed out, and totally distracted whenever he's on stage.

  5. Did doug do a podcast or interview where he talked about this night? Curious to here him tell what a bunch of you have obviously heard about how hard it was for him, breaking down backstage etc

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