Beto O’Rourke’s Fight To Take Down Ted Cruz (HBO)

Texas Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke is hoping to defeat Sen. Ted Cruz — and end a 30-year streak of statewide losses for his party — by taking his grassroots-driven campaign to every single one of Texas’ 254 counties, including the deep-red ones that Democrats have ignored for decades.

“I don’t know if I’m going to win more votes than the last Democrat who ran in those counties, but I know that not enough Democrats have been showing up in those counties in the first place,” he told VICE News in an interview on the road in the middle of a seven-stop day on the campaign trail last month.

“And they haven’t been reflecting the needs of those counties in what they say on the campaign trail.”

But for all he says he’s looking to reflect the needs of those voters, when he visits seven Republican-leaning rural counties across West Texas on a Saturday in February, he doesn’t moderate his liberal profile on a range of issues. During a stop in Brown County — which voted for Trump by 86 percent — he touts his support for an assault weapons ban. In Parker County, where Trump won 82 percent of the vote, he’s unapologetically pro-choice.

Running as a liberal is a tough task in a state Republicans have won statewide every election cycle since 1994.

But Texas’ demographic shifts — towards a younger, more diverse electorate — suggest it’s just a matter of time until Democrats take back the state. And O’Rourke believes the grassroots energy behind his campaign — which has helped him outraise Cruz over the past four months of the race — coupled with frustration among Republicans with Cruz and Trump’s performance in office could make this cycle different for Democrats.

“I think there’s some energy around the things that we’re concerned about — this idea that we build a wall…this incitement of fear about Muslims,” he said.

But O’Rourke added: “There’s a lot more energy—I think you saw it tonight around the things that people want to do, that they’re excited for,” like raising the minimum wage and passing immigration reform.

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29 thoughts on “Beto O’Rourke’s Fight To Take Down Ted Cruz (HBO)

  1. Trumps sperm is the base, Christian, Un-educated, Neo-Nazi Trump Supporters (C*NTS) His 40% lets say. Every Republican realises that without that 40% and the 50% the Democrates have, that there is very little left for them to win. If Ted Cruz wants to continue in politics he must drink the Trump sperm, smile, and tell you how good it tastes. Vote Beto in November he doesn't suck like Ted.

  2. This is like clinton trump election ,but

    ted is clinton known politician (by means known is corrupt)
    beto is Trump known ,but much prefer bcoz who wanted that other one.

  3. This dude is the embodyment of white priviledge…. burglary, dwi, but no charges. Rowed crew but the leftist white priviledge checking sjws want this dude? Hypocrisy thy name is democrat.

  4. Hell No HE is STUPID. Beto you aren't even Hispanic, open up your own home and let all the people in that caravan I wonder if you will except them in your home with your family. I am a Hispanic and my family came the legal way, you have no idea who is coming. Trump is dumb but he has my respect he actually made changes. Texas alone has the highest rates of unemployment, But of course you don't see that in the news. #FAKENEWS I live close to the border probably everyone in these comments probably are blind aren't you seeing what he is doing he is just telling you what you want to hear. He has 38 million dollars he should be helping people instead of traveling across Texas buying votes from people. People have already been caught trying to rig the system.

  5. What does Beta offer? Higher taxes, over regulation, gun control, bigger intrusive government, open borders, and transgender bathrooms. Texans, these are California policies! And as a californinan, I am telling you; they will ruin your state…and then where will we californians go?

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