Joe Rogan Experience #1168 – Mareko Maumasi

Mareko Maumasi is a bladesmith and custom knife maker.

48 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1168 – Mareko Maumasi

  1. for example if its short 1k comments they would say "help" the person instead of dealing with the topics of there own fucking videos. your words are 1 off. then the value of the 2k comments isnt going anywhere. then your words are 1 off a 2nd time to try and steal the value of the 2k comments to that side of life.

  2. you mention the monkeys when speaking of morphic resonence but that study has been highly discredited and proven to meet the agenda of the ppl conducting the study. they provided no verifiable proof of their observation, it is based of the words alone of a biased group of researchers who again have mostly been discredited. that said i think it is a real phenomena. if you want to look into it is called the 100 monkey theory

  3. Actually, craftsmanship is coming back…

    …cause anyone can learn almost anything.

    Dont want that special steel making art to die? Have your buddy record video explaining the process like he was teaching someone to do it.

    It's not the same as being taught, at all, but it's better than the art being lost forever.

  4. Magic most definitely is like chess, in the sense it is a strategy game to defeat and take out your opponent before they can defeat you. Please look into it just a little to understand!

  5. it would be a good shtick if joe made fun of quake and stuff too but he literally thinks that is the best thing since sliced bread and the other stuff is dorky. lmao

  6. Objects have memories, lol someone was murdered in my house before I moved in, never felt sadness or gave a flying fuck about it, its definetly woo woo shit Joe Rogan

  7. @ 2m5s Joe is amazed "that there is a piece of space in there" FYI Joe, every atom in your body came from space. Every atom in your body except for the Hydrogen was forged in an exploding sun of one type or another. We are all made of space junk. Not just that knife. <3 your show.

  8. I fucking stoped painting paused podcast climbed down the ladder just to say this FUCK DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS !!!! AND THANK YOU JOE FOR SHUTTING IT DOWN, SIMILLAR TO CHESS YEAHH RIGHT DORKS

  9. I agree 100% with the Gettysburg statement about feeling sadness. I'm a former military brat so the history of war has always intrigued me. I grew up 3 hours north of Gettysburg after my mom retired from the Air Force. I visited Gettysburg when I was 12 and it was just intense in a very emotional way. I can say the same about when I visited Omaha Beach in Normandy (think opening scene jn Saving Private Ryan) when I was 16. Very emotional time in my life.

  10. Great video. While i love most of the guests i think he stands out as one of the most interesting. You should try to get more trade based people on here, gunsmiths, cooks, blacksmith. that would be so cool!

  11. So absurd. I’ve lived in CT most of my life. It’s not nearly as bad as they make it out to be. It’s not great. But it’s not awful that’s for sure. I’ve never been in a car accident in 37 years. The school systems are the best in the country. There are SO many shows and concerts and things to do that are all reachable in less than an hour drive. We have casinos. It’s one of the few places mother nature won’t kill you, no earthquakes, tornados, or bad hurricanes. They make it sound like hell on earth. CT is actually pretty nice.

  12. Joe, whenever he doesnt know something but doesnt want to seem dumb "Can you explain that to those people who dont know what it is, jaimie bring a picture up"

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