Rebranding the AK-47: A Weapon of Peace

With sales of Kalashnikov’s firearms severely impacted by sanctions imposed by the US last summer against the Russia-based company, the gunmaker has since rebranded its firearms as “weapons of peace.”

VICE News traveled to Kalashnikov’s headquarters in Moscow to speak with its new CEO Alexey Krivoruchko about the impact of sanctions on his company. We also met with the public relations agency heading up the campaign to find out more about the rebranding of its famous assault rifles.

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23 thoughts on “Rebranding the AK-47: A Weapon of Peace

  1. I believe this comes back to George Orwell's concept of indiscriminate weaponry. There always is gaps in the weaponry of the people and the government presiding over them. Just like with nuclear weapons in the modern day, the ability for a group to hold superior technological power over others always results in injustice. No, I'm not saying that the acts of terrorists are justified, but by providing a firearm that "all can use", those group that are oppressed, that are under military rule, are able to at least stand some chance when fighting injustice. This is why we shouldn't blame kalashnikov for making guns, of course there are going to be bad people who use their weaponry, but the overall goal of a reliable, cheap weapon is to ensure that everyone is able to fend for themselves and stand a chance when fighting injustice.

  2. FIRST OF ALL MCHAEL KALASHNIKOV WAS NOT A PESANT, SECOND OF ALL ITS NOT EASY TO BUILD ANY AUTOMATIC/SEMIAUTOMATIC FIREARM YOU TRY DOING IT YOURSELF. otherwise a pretty good video trying to make pepole not seeing the ak as a terorist weapon good job vice

  3. Yeah it’s hollywood, it’s not because of the ak being cheap ,reliable and easy to get as well as its story of use from the worst organisation in the world.
    Definitely Hollywood’s fault.

    Dumb Russians

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