VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – September, 1 2014

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The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the
headlines. Today: Al Shabaab militants attack Mogadishu prison,
Pakistan army chiefs meet over violent protests, Panamanian police
arrest wanted former Colombian paramilitary commander, and El
Salvador’s gangs want to salvage a broken truce.

Al Shabaab Attack Intelligence Center in the Capital
Armed attack failed to free prisoners held in underground cells.

Army Chiefs Meet Over Unrest
Clashes between police and protesters left at least three dead and
hundreds injured over the weekend.

Fugitive Colombian Warlord Arrested
Armando Perez is accused of ordering the deaths of more than 5,000
people in the 1990s.

Gangs Give Truce a Second Chance
Five powerful gangs have agreed not to attack police and military, but want the government to meet them half-way.

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28 thoughts on “VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – September, 1 2014

  1. y worry about others they dont care about america….the gove just getting rich and us screw every day…and send or troops fuck that send them to the borders and see what happens the country that was the shit now is the weak to the eyes of other country…we have lost power to this 3rd world shit holes…they hate us  they would try to destroy us…but they will die trying..peace…

  2. "We should be cleaning up the Americas before worrying about cleaning up the Middle East." And don't forget ISIS at the border. They are soon to start attacking maybe 9-11-2014. And the news is only reporting od what is  over there and not here;. Be ready

  3. The Israelis kill 2000 gazans and then steals 200 hectares of land from West Bank Palestinians. Netanyahu does not support a two state solution. Intact he is against it because it puts the current settlers under threat. It is sad that most people want to see the Israelis blossom, which is fine by me, but their means are brutal and unlawful. All we can do is inform others about the illegal Israeli occupation and notify our congressmen before the Palestinians have no land left.

  4. So the intel center I was reading about was actually an interrogation center. aka torture house. Can someone tell me why some people are allowed to torture and others are not?

  5. Good job Somalia and Panama! Always great to hear off victories over the scum of the earth. Hopefully soon those cancerous, barbaric radicalised Islamic terrorist pigs and those rebel groups in Colombia will be defeated once and for all

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