Joe Rogan Experience #897 – Hunter Maats

Hunter Maats is the co-author of “The Straight-A Conspiracy” and also co-host of The Bryan Callen Show podcast available on iTunes.

33 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #897 – Hunter Maats

  1. This guy really has a point. It is possible to put pressure on Islamic people to adopt Western ideals without coming off as insulting their beliefs. And I really enjoyed listening to him although I know a few Sam Harris fan boys didn't take too well to the criticisms

  2. he fails to mention that behavior economics actually uses identity politics and generalizes group behavior and the nu economics people are all very socialist very adamant about government controlling everything

  3. Shitty teachers, Joe Rogan? You were doing great until the subject turned directly to Sam, when you acted like Sam's bitch and started arguing instead of hearing what the man was saying and continuing to be part of a REALLY GOOD conversation. Really, I was impressed you were keeping up with him through the whole talk. I also think Sam is great, I love your talks with him.

    The obvious answer was that our Federal government(Board of Education) dictates exactly, and I mean exactly, what is taught to kids in the US. Our entire system of education SUCKS, from kindergarten to college. This is not based on opinion, this is a fact. Now, in my ~opinion~, they have us right where they want us. In this HIGHLY capitalistic system of rule of ours, education and forward progress(the betterment of society as a whole) comes right about dead last in order of importance. Relatively speaking, compared to most 1st world nations, they want us dumb, poor, and in debt.

  4. Getting triggered is definitely a sign of dogma, it's funny to me how everyone gets triggered when his role models get challenged. At the end of the day, it is easier to shit on SJW and feminists than to challenge your materialistic paradigm openmindedly

  5. Putin has people who against him publicly executed? Are you guys crazy? You sounding really ignorant. The people support Putin cause he is by far the most productive and level headed leader theyve had in decades. Hes an asshole, but he not some tyrannical dictator like you make him out to be.

  6. All these people shitting on this guest… he did ramble on with why Dawkins and Harris's way of addressing the communities is flawed… and he pretty much summed it up at around 3:08:37
    He's kind of right… they just keep banging on about "the text says bad things!" ,…. when you forget there is a human and emotional element to it too which is far greater than the text itself. You cant address people of faith as if they all agree and disagree with the same concepts.. and thats what people like Harris and Dawkins do…they like to generalise a lot… I bet you both of these men have had little interaction with Muslims or faithful people.

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