VICE News Daily: Greeks Stock Up on Fuel Amid Financial Crisis

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Greeks hoard fuel and cash as fears of a debt default grow, refugees in Burundi flee to neighboring countries, a car bomb kills Egypt’s top prosecutor outside his home in Cairo, and scientists in Hawaii make a surprising shark discovery.

Worried Residents Form Long Lines at Gas Stations
Greeks are stocking up on cash and fuel as the government imposes emergency measures to prevent a financial collapse.

Refugees Flee as Parliamentary Vote Starts
More than 66,000 people have fled to neighboring Tanzania amid violent protests against the president.

Car Bomb Strikes Cairo Prosecutor
Chief Prosecutor Hisham Barakat was the highest-ranking government official to have been killed by a militant attack since 2013.

Scientists Make Startling Shark Discovery
Researchers found two species that can float to the surface when standing still, instead of sinking to the bottom like most sharks.

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28 thoughts on “VICE News Daily: Greeks Stock Up on Fuel Amid Financial Crisis

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  4. the entire financial system of most of the planet is well known to be entirely based on fraud. it is only able to be maintained at all due to ignorance of this fact and addiction/dependency on the use of money.

  5. The Greek people are so deluded. They're nearly bankrupt and the rest of the EU is at least offering them some bailout money to help them to continue and support some services, under the condition that they reduce their public spending and introduce some austerity measures. The Greeks have the audacity to blame the rest of Europe even though it was Greece spent a lot more than they made, it was the Greek public sector workers that were being given ridiculous pay rises, because it was 48% of Greek people who avoided taxes, because it was Greek people who were being paid pensions at the age of 50, because it was Greek government that straight out lied about its debt in comparison to the size of its GDP. I hope the Greeks vote to leave the EU in the referendum, they have proven on multiple cases that they are not responsible with money and they will likely not commit to their promises of paying it back. No one else in their right mind will lend Greece money, especially when they are planning to write off their debts and no one will offer it with extremely low interest rates that the EU is offering. You've been offered a life line on the condition you scale back to help make repayments and instead you bite the hand that feeds.

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