VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – April, 24 2014

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: forensic experts excavate a suspected mass grave in Serbia, Kosovo’s parliament green-lights a new war crimes court, rival Palestinian groups announce a unity deal, and violence mars Rio de Janeiro over a man’s alleged killing by Brazilian police.

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Forensic Teams Dig at Suspected Mass Grave
Experts excavate the site where hundreds of bodies killed in the Kosovo War are believed to be buried.

Parliament Approves New War Crimes Court
Kosovo’s government OKs a special EU-backed court to try alleged Albanian war criminals.

Rivals Reconcile, Rockets Hit Gaza
Palestine’s Fatah and Hamas groups announce plans for unity government, and Israeli air strikes wound a dozen people.

Unrest Follows Dancer’s Death
Violence swells near the tourist area of Copacabana after reports a man is beaten to death by police.

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21 thoughts on “VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – April, 24 2014

  1. Holy shit people, do you guys really need to be spoonfed information through YouTube all the time? If you guys would actually bother reading VICE, you would know that Simon has already been freed.

  2. Maybe, just maybe things might turn around for good on Kosovo, and real criminals will be judged. For 10+ years people believed it was Serbia that has done the killing, maybe, just maybe, people will finally realize that's complete bullshit.

    I'm starting to regain my faith in humanity, although it's still in the negative.

  3. Sorry but how is Simon being held not the top story on Vice news – how is Vice not using all its power to pressure for his release? Oh that's right it's webbie season and winning awards is far more important than one of their best reporters – I call #bullshit and am losing lots of respect for vice over how all this is going down – or not should I say.

  4. So when the rockets hit Israel, it's the dirty Palestinian terrorists, but when Israel hits Palestine, they chalk it u to an accident and everyone believes them. Fuck.

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