Joe Rogan Experience #1041- Dan Carlin

Dan Carlin is an amateur historian and former radio talk show host. He now hosts two popular podcasts available on iTunes, or through his website, to download: Common Sense and Hardcore History.

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37 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1041- Dan Carlin

  1. Dan Carlin brings history to life like no one else has ever done. I'm a old history buff. However' Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, opened up history into a completely new, understandable and better dimension!

  2. Third reich is total opposite bc had two previous reichs in its history so stop hating adolf hitler and nazis theyre not racist white supremacist like you like to learn and then believe as truth and fact its the other way around sadly americans are racist bc they've had the klan in its history from it very beginnings most likely so end the fake debates of racism.

  3. literally my two favorite people on one singular fucking podcast. how is the universe not imploding. the conversations you two have had on here are so important, and just listening to you talk really makes you think and gives you that push to change.

  4. Joe stop spreading misinformation about fucking iMessage – you can easily go to a part of the Apple website that allows you to unsubscribe your 10 digit phone number from iMessage so you can happily use an Android phone. It's not always instant and it's silly – but IT DOES work. Quit acting like it's all conspiracy. The only conspiracy here is that you're an LA iPhone using luddite who can't break the cycle because you're a fucking sheep.

  5. I disagree black people bring up race far far more. Is there a black comic that doesn’t bring it up? Over 75% of the Black comedians acts are completely race based. D.l hughley and man many more wouldn’t have an at without it.

  6. I don't remember where I read this quote but i feel like its pertinent for this video: "He who can't draw on 2,000 years of human history is living hand to mouth". So fricken true and when you hear them talking you really get the sense of it

  7. I found a coin from 1707 in my backyard while picking Strawberries last summer. Got real excited. Yesterday I watched the news and saw a 4 yo girl who had found a Viking Sword, still in its leather ”thingy”, 1000 years old. Now I almost wanna throw that stupid coin away

    Joe is being PRO-WaR. Just really listen around 2:30:00. Someone one day might take what he says and will translate it the wrong way.

    1. Obama(a Democrat ) should be charge with crimes against humanity for his part in the Middle East. Trump is denuclearizing our enemies when Hillary would of went to war with them.

    2. God how joe always falls right in the leftist trap shaking in his boot. This dude say β€œ The resurgence of racism” aka 50 dumb people holding tiki torches 2 years ago compared to the THOUSANDS of assaults even deaths from this VIOLENT POLITICAL Division that is being push by the corporate communist NEO-leftist that are control by the Democratic Party.

    3. Joe concerns me especially.

    Joe rogan is a shill or has been talked to by someone to push these topics over and over. Flip flopping again and again.

  9. It's hilarious to hear him go on about white supremacists when Charlottesville had a few hundred show up and they were so ridiculously proud of their large gathering. You couldn't fill a high School football game on a Friday night with all the white supremacists in the country.

  10. People seem to forget that social media is filled with bots, fake accounts, algorithms that tend to create echo chambers , etc. It's not just Russians. Organisations, nations, religions, in other words most tribes, are all doing it to shape opinions. There are payed shills everywhere. Individuals find that if they represent a tribe, especially the extreme views of that tribe, they gain recognition, clicks, views or in other words money from doing that. Drama sells and in many cases it's manufactured drama. This polarize the discussion even further and drowns out the middle ground and rational thinking in many ways.

    That's why I enjoy this podcast, because it gives that a voice and people gets exposed to different views than the narrative of the tribes. It all boils down to divide and conquer I think.

    Most media was started as a way of disseminating knowledge, to inform people, take the internet as an example. Tim Berners Lee invented the http protocol as a way of sharing scientific information while working at CERN. Arpanet was made with the same vision. TV and radio has a similar reason behind it. Then it got warped into something different by corporations, governments, organisations, etc. So much propaganda and marketing, reinforcing consumerism and tribalism. Luckily there are outliers πŸ™‚

  11. One big problem with "everybody got to have the new thing" Is the exclusion of people that can't afford the next new thing. Especially since electronics cost about the same all over the world. The advantage with this format is that it's available to more people. Podcasts are great, because it's primarily focused around sound, which gives it an opportunity to be made available to more people. Even though in the future it's going be available on VR.

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