Ukraine Swears In a New President: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 47)

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Ukraine put an end to months of political chaos by swearing in a new president who vowed to restore the country’s territorial integrity. Petro Poroshenko, a powerful oligarch before his election, will now have to prove to Ukrainians that he will be able to change the system that made him wealthy while fighting a war against pro-Russia rebels in eastern Ukraine.

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Ukraine’s New President Pledges to Retake Crimea:

Poroshenko’s Promises of Safety and Peace Ring Hollow in Eastern Ukraine:

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46 thoughts on “Ukraine Swears In a New President: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 47)

    1. Ukranians poorer then ever before with IMF loans about the be defaulted on.
    2. Ukranian currency worth less than 4 times now then during Janukowycz years.
    3. Over 30 TONS of GOLD just dissapared.
    4. AND THE AGREEMENT WITH E.U AND UKRAINE TRADE STILL HAS NOT BEEN SIGNED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were told thats why the MAIDAN started over JANUKOWYCZ not signing the trade treaty with E.U… Janukowycz didint sign because he said Ukraine was not ready. SO NOW 5 YEARS LATER STILL NO E.U TRADE TREATY and over 2 million Ukranians gone from the country working abroad. UKRAINE IS GONNA COME BACK ON ITS KNEES TO RUSSIA AND BEG LIKE THEY DID ONCE BEFORE WITH THE ORANGE REVOLUTION

  2. Talk about shit timing. you know that guard was fighting the heat for awhile, thinking if i can just hang in there a few more minutes till he pulls up, and ill be ok. he says the car pull up, adrenaline starts to rise, his body starts shutting down, and bam he goes down. im pretty sure those over coats they wear are wool too. i feel bad for the guy.

  3. poor soldier probably collapse is caused by low blood pressure which is caused by heat and stress. usually it happens in military marches or when the regiments are in formation

  4. It's a shame that all the intelligent, logical and reasonable sounding ones that was interviewed, are generally the women of Ukraine. While men on the other hand are a disgrace with their bickering and constant need to insult/flame each other.

    I'm not whiteknighting. It is what it is.

  5. If you've been in any military parades you know that people flake out from the heat all the time, those uniforms are not comfy,'they're hot and they're damn heavy, we used to bet on who would drop first and it was the RAF guys every time lol

  6. That is what they will have. Bunch of expensive parades with hypocrites in their expensive cars and dress saying bunch of lies leeching billions of tax money why national debt will keep on rising.

  7. doing a great job , leaves his troops in Debeltseve to get slaughtered , whilst its commanders getting a war hero medal … hero .. leaving troops cut off , no supplies , ammo isnt heroic .. hows the economy doing .. what , nearly bankrupt , cant even pay its gas bill …great .. could use its gold reserve for payments … oh wait .. the yanks took all the gold  , left you eternally in debt with loans .. you must be proud of him

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