Joe Rogan Experience #812 – Russell Brand & Jim Breuer

Russell Brand is an English comedian, actor, radio host, author, and activist. Jim Breuer is a stand up comedian, actor, author, singer and host.

21 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #812 – Russell Brand & Jim Breuer

  1. i would love being on ur show.

    yes, Jon … What i find funny is Russelll is telling a mirror that it's a mirror.
    I love it. If i could ever be a participant on the Joe Rogan Experiance i would blow ur mind.

    My experience is not beyond yours. but it is a picture. I went under and what i saw was the total idea of our human conciousness.
    i saw what's making the symbols that are making our pure and understanding.

    if you would, i'm interested. u have enough people on there that explain there point of view.

    What about a person who's seen it.
    i saw the symbol of existance.
    i would love to talk too you about it.

    +4792161289 and i would defenitly show up. it's all about having a good time. Life is ment to be lived. <3

  2. Lads you shouldn't keep talking about pussy the way you guys do, given the fact both have daughter's ,just imagine someone speaking about them the way you speak about other women, sex sexuality and sexual expression is a shared experience between men and women ,it's not something to take or attain or go get, joe man things are complicated people are difficult when you're talking about difficult people don't derive it to their sexual organs, man i like you and your content but it makes for some uncomfortable listening particularly when you talk about men being victimised by "pussy" not so woke man, just a thought lots of people listen to you set an example for the world your children daughter's (that will be women) are growing up in.

  3. I think it's funny that JOE ROGAN says that some people have no compassion but then turns around and makes fun of people that have depression and have to take anti suppressants. Comments like that are the reason that there are people with depression. That font get the help that they need because they fear that people will make fun of them with comments like the ones that JOE ROGAN makes picking at people that have to take medication. Thanks alot JOE ROGAN. I'm a marine corps vet and I have chronic depression. I used to be a huge fan of yours, but after not after that comment.

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