The Fruits of Mexico’s Cheap Labor

In northern Mexico, farm workers who pick produce bound for US supermarkets earn as little as $7 a day. They follow the harvest, traveling between the states of Sinaloa and Baja California as internal migrants in their own country. With daycare not an option, children join their parents on the job, sometimes working in 100-degree heat.

VICE News travels to northern Mexico and heads into the fields with the laborers to see their working conditions, then meets the organizer leading the fight in the Baja town of San Quintín for better pay and conditions.

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35 thoughts on “The Fruits of Mexico’s Cheap Labor

  1. VICE News heads to northern Mexico to investigate the working conditions on farms, where day laborers and their children handpick crops in 100-degree heat, earning as much in a day as their US counterparts make in an hour.

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  2. You shouldn't go to other countries and cultures and convince them to live like us. That I wrong. There's enough problems already without going to peaceful places of the world and start up trouble. There's anoigh people crossing the border. They are just as happy as Americans and even higher in places. Don't need everything easy if you don't get it for yourself.

  3. The top 1% in Mexico treat all the resources like their own piggy bank. I have a friend in Puebla they know that on their land there is oil but they keep it a Secret because the government would steal it from them because oil, gas is all privatized under Pemex. Seriously the Mexican people need to demand the right to bear arms again, but the elites know to never give them their guns back. Never lose your gun rights us EVER

  4. I like how they say “si se puede” was Cesar Chavez, but in reality it was a woman’s slogan, Dolores Huerta. But then again it’s a “man’s world,” therefor woman aren’t praised for the work they’ve done. It’s sad to see the hard work these people have to do and only receive very little pay. And then they wonder why, they come to the U.S. for a better life. The Mexican government is so corrupt and wrong!

  5. Viva Mexico putos ! When we say that we mean are beautiful people , that are strong no matter what . Not are bullshit politics and government . That's why we love are flag, we the people are the eagle the government the snake , and one day the people will devour that ugly beast .. Los quiero mi gente chingona !, VIVA MÉXICO PUTOS !!

  6. About the children at the field in America Texas and Michigan well I have seen that here in the fields as well because the women that are working Need the money to support their family and they can’t afford child care so they take the kids to the fields usually leave them in the car and tell them to hide if they see someone coming

  7. I can’t wait till non Hispanic people who complain about “Mexicans” coming to America steal jobs actually work in the fields there’s so many crops to pick here in America the only people who want to work these jobs are the Hispanic community . I’ve seen a few Asian people pick strawberries before here in Michigan that was in the late 90s I was like 9 yo…but That’s about it .

  8. In 1905(?) Henry Ford made the rich very angry by doubling what he paid his employees (slaves) from $2.50 to $5 overnight. I wish all evil corporations would do that today. He said he already had accumulated more than he needed.

  9. This video documentary should be on every menu in a restaurant and grocery store for the vegetarians and vegans, so they can stop living in the virtual reality world so-called based on morals…. bon appetit !!!!you are eating literally the sweat and blood of children who are being abused, exploited under inhumane conditions.

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