Illegal Loggers: The Tribe Waging War in the Amazon

On the Alto Rio Guamá reserve in Brazil, the Tembe tribe has been battling for decades to save its land from illegal loggers and settlers. As tension escalates, the Tembe people have now been forced to take up arms and confront the loggers, sparking violent clashes deep within the jungle.

With the odds stacked against the tribe, VICE News traveled to the northern Brazilian state of Para to meet the Tembe and witness the tribe’s struggle to protect its land.

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41 thoughts on “Illegal Loggers: The Tribe Waging War in the Amazon

  1. It is sad because it will just continue on and on. The loggers are simply trying to earn a living in an area of brutal poverty, and the others trying to protect their land and resources. The countless levels of corrupt government are more than likely about impossible to deal with. The planet is literally starting to run short of forest like this. I hope somehow they can find a sustainable balance.

  2. Why is the U.S. not sending military aid and armed forces, including permanent carrier groups, into these regions to fight with the tribes people? The loggers represent a clear danger to the lives of Americans and people throughout the world, they should be treated as terrorists and shot on site. Also, Americans caught trying to import this lumber should be charged with attempted homicide (of 6.5 billion or so people) and charged accordingly.

  3. You think one of these Tech billionaires or even millionaires would see this story and want to help with their ill-gotten gain I know if I had Millions I would, a small amount of money could save so much of that Forest

  4. Sounds to me like they have permission from tribe members and the other members are bullying them around for money as well. Vice never shows both sides of story and leans heavy to left.

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