Joe Rogan Experience #1167 – Larry Sharpe

Larry Sharpe is a business consultant, entrepreneur, and political activist. He is currently a candidate for the Libertarian Party nomination for the Governor of New York.

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  1. I'm not totally clear on how the plan is beneficiary overall for new york. If they lose 4billion $ in funding which is a large amount of money without having an actual plan or method of how to select what jobs are cut besides somehow making the PTA organize themselves and fire almost all the administrators. Also wouldnt losing 4billion dollars worth of work adversely effect the economy new york and raise unemployment?

  2. Joe…..Larry knows psychology…I have been a nurse for over 20 years in Illinois. The "Skelton" plan does work. We have a problem (nursing), the management says you know best how to "fix" the issue, get back to us when you figure it out. We meet, generate idea, clear with management (based in evidenced based practice and only limited by $), and institute the change. We later eval results and make further change.

  3. How the hell are people listening to this guy and saying they’re gonna vote for him. Everything he’s saying is unquantified theories with supposed enormous upsides but potential catastrophic results that he refuses to acknowledge. People need to stop treating their vote like it’s a chip at a casino

  4. I love how them just having a theoretical conversation about the free market, literally generated a great solution for education. Even an imaginary theoretical free market, can solve problems for the real world.

  5. 49 or so mins in and I had to pause and look at comments, glad to see I wasn't the only one who was cringing at Joe's inability to understand so basic shit . Larry, I hope you run for president because what you're saying makes perfect sense. Sad to see you didn't win tonight in NY but please keep at it , we need more people like you in politics.

  6. joe put this guy through the stupidity ringer, intentionally or not. What could be better political calisthenics for a mighty man such a sharpe?

    If sharpe can punch through stubborn joe, this is a very good sign for this man leading Americans

  7. I only heard of Larry Sharpe from watching the NYS Gubenatorial(sp?) debate and reading the comments and like 85% of them were like for Larry Sharpe who unfortunately, was not included in the debate but holy shit I fucks with this guy hard. I only wish I found out about him earlier than just a week before the election, I would have volunteered and help campaign 🙁

  8. I'm an underage Brooklynite, and I wish I could vote for him, because, as a high school student, I like his idea of K-10 reform, for a more personalized late teenage education.

  9. Joes pro establishment mindset really came through in this one. He had to question or put down almost literally everything Larry said right down to "What's a health food store?"

  10. I was on anti-depressants/psychotics all throughout middle and high school, and I had literally no emotion. Nothing meant anything to me. I just floated through my day to day life. Completely different human being after I decided not to take them anymore.

  11. I'm only at the education part, but seriously what an awful plan. You tell kids there's no school after grade 10, they'll take the no school option. Very few will take the university route and many will be undereducated for life. As for the administrators thing, why not just maintain current funding and mandate a certain number of administrators per student attending. Then you have less useless administration and better funding for teachers and supplies. Typical nut-job libertarian nonsense so far Mr Sharpe. Also, stop calling Cuomo king, you sound stupid…

  12. Larry is right at a high level about education, but selling the concept so poorly. There are plenty of success stories and peer reviewed journals about deregulated chapter schools that are educating students at a fraction of the cost than those in public school systems and are outperforming in mathematics, science, reading etc. If Larry does the research and looks at the raw data on school choice vs. public schools he could be much more persuasive!

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