The Safdie Brothers Talk About Their “Heist Movie On Acid” (HBO)

In another installment of VICE News Tonight’s “Storyboard”, co-directors Josh and Benny Safdie talk about the inception and production of their gritty, New York city-based crime movie, called “Good Time.”

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23 thoughts on “The Safdie Brothers Talk About Their “Heist Movie On Acid” (HBO)

  1. I'm only 30 minutes into this movie and I think it has a very special perspective and feel. You are great actor, playing a mentally challenged person. Remember 80% of the population is stupid so don't listen to the negative people. I was so compelled to see what you guys are all about because this movie felt so different that I had to check you guys out. Huge TV and movie fan here.

  2. I enjoyed this – I think I enjoyed 'Heaven Knows What' a tad more – plus I watched it in my hotel in Manhattan while visiting from Atlanta. So yeah… These two are good directors

  3. LOL. You know we've scraped the bottom of the evolutionary food chain when an anti-semite puts "()" around the blatantly Jewish Coens and Safdies. Lemme guess: your mom still wipes your ass 4u, doesn't she?

  4. Vice is shitty SJW news who are painting this artificial picture that all young conservatives are white supremacists, BUT they have really good taste in film. Film and news are two totally different medias. I'm a real liberal and I know that their news narrative is biased and slightly distorted dishonestly.

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