Crisis in the Central African Republic: Dispatch Seven

Watch “Crisis in the Central African Republic: Dispatch One” here:

As the UN debates deploying thousands more peacekeepers to the Central African Republic, rights groups have warned that ethnic cleansing of Muslims is already well underway. Last week, after the French government voted to further keep troops in the country, CAR President Catherine Samba-Panza voiced her approval for the continuing French mission.

Shortly after, French President Francois Hollande visited to show support.

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46 thoughts on “Crisis in the Central African Republic: Dispatch Seven

  1. I'm never quite sure what to make of Vice. A lot of their stuff is hit and miss. They make a lot of noise and give the impression this is some hard-hitting, 'action' journalism, but, in the end you walk away with very little actual information.

    The similarities between Vice and your average mainstream news are multiple. Both have an imperative to shape what can be complex, multifaceted and chaotic events into a more simplistic narrative. This kind of reporting has its roots in the Rwandan — maybe even the Biafran — crises. Because the news has given up reporting them as political struggles, it means there's now no way to understand why these terrible events are happening. Hence the focus on religion in this story. Instead, what are ultimately political conflicts around the world are now portrayed to us as simple illustrations of the mindless cruelty of the human race, about which nothing can be done.

  2. Hm. Seleka comes inn, rapes women, targets especially non-Muslim people, makes 400 000 refugees and nobody says anything about it. The people form self defense groups called anti-Balaka and everybody is jumping up and down in excitement.

  3. hollande go fuck yourself. u r saying that the outlaws that r terrorizing C.A.R. r particularly the muslim population?  the anti-balaka are (according to the muslim population) looting houses and burning down buildings and killing the people. YOU are the outlaws! YOU are terrorizing the population of a central african country. I spit on you anti balaka and hollande in shame

  4. it is very possible for all people of different race and religion to live in harmony together.

    Everybody (except the military) should lay down their weapons.

    I believe that in order to bring absolute peace and order in this region, the UN should step in. Train the local police (if theres any) to maintain their own law and order. At the same time while peace keeping forces are there, facilitate/establish a government the democratic way (by votes/elections by the locals).

    The world should NOT be directly involved with the election process but rather to facilitate it to maintain the security and the authenticity of the cotes that come in.

  5. The French shouldn't even be there in the first place! It's all for economic reasons after they're done saving the country from its small disruption! The French will just set up a puppet government and sign loads of contracts for the French economy, after saving and taking its own rewards in a country full of resources! France should be sanctioned also from going into its former now sovereign colonies! The African Union only needs to take charge towards normalizing the country! In no way a country bigger the size of France with smaller the population can't control itself! But France isn't the country the usa likes to hate…

  6. 7:02….. no the French are not with the Anti-balaka…. where is the proof? or the videos? pictures? they are not a 3rd world country that acts like this….
     funny he says that his bible says not to kill women or children, when clearly the quran states kill the infidel in many different ways (can copy and paste if you don't believe me…this guys is muslim btw.)
    in a 3rd world country with poor education… of course lies can be believed and spread.
    I say help with education that way people don't use religions to kill innocents.

    (this message was approved by an atheist)

  7. A nation like Central African Republic needs to improve from within, just like that boy is organizing sport activities for the children, the people of that nation have to help themselves.

  8. i think this vids is "bad"… basically the reporters just show nothing, except to play the excerpts of hollande (the womanizer n morally unfit guy)… ask some civilians to comments at the airport… and interview the president… nothing else…

    no action, we cannot see who's the reporters, same shot at the same airport location over and over again… no anti-balaka shots… bad

  9. No human could even know there was a heaven without god telling us there is, islam is the truth and the way of life. We are just ungrateful, while people are suffering we sit in our homes in front of 50" tv,s on a leather sofa, while others life are 10 times harder to love than ours. We are selfish, ignorant and ungrateful.

  10. Here is an idea: develop your country and stop with the idiocies called religion, tribalism and nationalism. And that fella at the end who thinks the bible doesn't say to kill pregnant women and children probably has not read the bible. If he has, he is full of shit.

  11. Failure to assimilate people is what causes wars in africa. China is at peace because they were assimilated. A large population of different tribes always results to war but assimilating the tribes into one culture forces them to live peacefulky because people fail to fight people that they do not have culture differences with. In the U.S, people have been assimilated to speak english and television has done a great job showing people how to properly behaive and etc. But in africa there is no assimilation,  many people in the same countries do not share the same cultures, reliegion, language and the lisy goes on. Unitl people are assimilated there will continue to be conflict in african countries.

  12. Everybody run into the comgo because the congo is much safer than central africa, right ?

    I am sude people runming dont realize that the congo is much worse at the time being than central africa but no ome is warning them of that.

  13. yeah France really helps you, hun? Look at your country you stupid Bitch, they are the cause of your issues, stop letting your white Gods, your white Saviors take the lead in your own evolution, they will never let you evolve past your third world state, it helps them more for you to be weak and in the position you are now. So sad how blacks are so willing to sell theIR own for the white mans dollar, you can see corruption all over that ugly bitches face talking about how France is so important for their improvements. She thinks she is so classy talking her conquerers tongue, the tongue her slave masters gave to her. WHY CANT THESE MONKEY'S GET A CLUE!!!!!!!!

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