Bangladesh’s War On Drugs May Be Covering Extrajudicial Killings (HBO)

The Bangladesh government says yaba, a pill that combines methamphetamines with caffeine, is “the drug of choice” for the country’s youth — justifying a brutal crackdown that began in early May, with almost 50,000 arrested and more than 200 killed.

Bangladesh’s war on drugs has become one of the most aggressive in the world. And though the drug problem is real, critics say that the government is hiding ulterior motives.

Human rights organizations say authorities are using the yaba epidemic as an excuse to intimidate — and in some cases, eliminate — the opposition. And with national elections scheduled for December, activists warn that the killing and arrests will only get worse.

The Bangladesh government has long been criticized for its human rights abuses, including forced disappearances and politically motivated arrests. Critics say the new drug-fueled policies are just more of the same.

“We have seen that before, like before the elections in January 2014,” Adilur Rahman Khan, a lawyer and the founder of human rights group Odhikar, told VICE News.

VICE News went to Bangladesh to look inside the government’s war on drugs — and forward to what its citizens can expect to happen next.

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20 thoughts on “Bangladesh’s War On Drugs May Be Covering Extrajudicial Killings (HBO)

  1. President Trump. Why not find out if the US government is still covertly supporting the trafficking? Bringing it in covertly making dark money and keeping it all going? If your so concerned about it?

    Something else. Just because you may have ordered any activity like this to stop (CIA) deep state. Doesn't mean they are. Re: Barry Seal. California LAPD officer accuses CIA of drug trafficking. Mena Arkansas and the Clinton's drug trafficking. You'll get lot's of link's from there. DEA Agent tells all on the Montel Williams show….it goes on and on.

  2. The more we try to ban something, the larger more accessible and violent the market for it becomes. Arrogance, greed and pride will always trump logic and truth.

  3. ok lets get something straight … if your living in a shed with dirt floors and your government wont help with housing or even .. clothing .
    but god forbid you do drugs ….. this is the private prison industry taking place in a 3rd world country fellas

  4. Appeal: I am a writer looking for sources with information on how VICE works with these stories in relation to foreign PR agents and propagandists paying for VICE to use a particular narrative. If you have any dirt on VICE let me know so we can expose the diabolic ignorance here.

  5. Hey Vice! haven't you heard about the philippines they are the pro on this (extra judicial killings), they should be really proud. And to you bangladesh friends you should really consider them as their teachers. additional bonus though you will also learn how to curse a lot.

    bangladesh arrest 50 000 and killed 200
    philippines arrest 1 million+ and killed (extrajudicial) 10 000+ i think

    philippinos are drug addicts, no wonder their poor.. dang those flips are high lol

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