Joe Rogan Experience #862 – Trevor Valle

Trevor Valle is field paleontologist, scientist, and show host.

Link to video with missing audio:

36 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #862 – Trevor Valle

  1. I am aware about racism. I always knew it existed. We do not need guilt inducing scapegoat bullshit terms like "white privilege" in order to raise awareness.

  2. I have always been interested in history and exploration of our planet. I wish Trevor the best in life and hope that his field of work gets more funding. These great minds are going to waste, not because of the person who has the knowledge, but by society showing no interest in learning anymore. Unless it’s on a computer, it seems nobody is interested because it requires smarts and physical activity. I’m inspired to become a Paleontologist because of how rare this knowledge is going to become.

  3. Loved this, dude was really smart and down to earth until the institutional racism and white privilege BS kicked in but…other than the laughing fit I had there it was an interesting interview

  4. This is a really, really, good interview so interesting and I love the wit and humor however, I do have to disagree about Trevor’s thoughts on Panda’s. If he is correct, Pandas would have never evolved. That is the problem with evolutionary thinking, things don’t just evolve up until the point that they are useless and vulnerable. The fact is someone out there created a useless and vulnerable Panda because He liked pandas and wanted them. He was close when he said that the larger creatures died off because they aren't adaptable and sustainable. Unfortunately, that same individual that created the Panda also liked Velociraptors and man-eating lions and other things that kept humans humble. But that's just me you are all entitled to your own beliefs.

  5. So funny to hear Rogan say that Palin was this first example of anti-intellectualism on display while he mocks something Palin didn't say as well as what she actually did say, that it is possible to see Russia from places in Alaska – which is factually correct. Its funny how this mocking reveals the anti-intellectualism of the mockers. I'm sure she has said some things that aren't very smart. It would be more intellectually honest to use those statements if you want to mock her.

    Fact is that we all get caught in echo chambers. People just aren't as rational as they would typically like to think that they are. And Rogan shows he's no exception with this. BTW, I wasn't and am not fan of Palin or McCain. I just find it fascinating to see reasonable and inquisitive people like Rogan get things 180 degrees backward when they start from a biased position already a strong opinion about somebody. If a sketch like SNL's had been done about someone he admired and knew, he probably wouldn't have gotten sucked in. But instead, he's done what we dumb apes frequently do.

  6. Religious fanatics are dangerous idiots who deny history and science. This ignorance has killed many people over the years whether it be Christians burning people alive or Muslims killing people today
    all in the name of faith. False conspiracy theorists are really brainwashed idiots dumbed down by Big Religion. It's ironic that we're living in a time where humanity has greater access to information then ever before, yet, since the advent of the internet people are less intelligent, less informed. Where all this is leading is obvious, if humanity doesn't wake up now, we will be extinct just the dinosaurs that never existed.

  7. How can average joe fix racism (especially by acknowledging their own)? Vote, because you’re vote is not suppressed like their’s; Use your privilege to hold someone else’s voice up, or help them get out of a situation where racism is involved; Make sure they feel safe; Advocate in community meetings or town halls; etc

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