VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – August 27, 2014

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Islamic State Destroys Marijuana Fields in Aleppo
Militants posted a video after seizing towns and villages in the northern province.

Dutch Killer Goes on Hunger Strike After Transfer
Joran van der Sloot was moved to a maximum-security prison for reportedly threatening a warden after a mobile phone was confiscated from his cell.

Protesters Undeterred by Supreme Court Order to Clear Streets
They say they won’t leave the area outside parliament until their leaders say so.

City Councillor Uses Inflatable to Criticize Opponent
The man hauled a giant Trojan horse into a legislative council meeting in Taipei.
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41 thoughts on “VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – August 27, 2014

  1. Syria: Fuck 'em.  No one cares anymore.  Please allow them to butcher each other.
    Peru: Don't care.
    Pakistan: This country is at the top of my Don't Care list. Let India take care of this problem.
    Taiwan: Don't care.  It will be under Chinese control soon enough. Chiang Kai-shek is dead.  Get over it.

  2. IMO
    J. VanDerSloot does not have the huevos to pursue a hunger strike.
    But who would care?
    He was fortunate to get that sentence for killing a Peruvian girl.
    And I do feel badly about the Southern girl he will not come clean about.
    Is there a waterboard in the house?

  3. Beheadings? Crucifixion in the city square? Fine.
    But burning innocent, helpless pot plants? Now you've gone too far.
    Send in the drones!
    (And before you keyboard crusaders jump down my throat, that was a joke, so please save it)

  4. Seeing all of these ignorant-as-fuck anti-marijuana dicks in the comments… Fucking ignorant, stupid pigs.. They should all be put on a one-way flight to Raqqa…. Fucking despise ignorant people.. Uninformed, okay, but ignorant? Go fuck yourself.

  5. There is nothing wrong with weed! It can't kill you like cigarettes or alcohol. And if someone has a problem with this statement show me facts not rants about your closed minded opinion.

  6. I hope that Vandersloot piece of shit gets sent to the worst prison ever so he see's daddies money won't save him and i hope his cell mate has a huge penis and loves to cornhole him every night, that would be justice

  7. I'm kinda happy Isis is burning all the weed and hopefully they'll burn every other drugs. Why? Because most terrorists group are funded by their drug sales. In my opinion, isis is almost at the top of the size it can reach and once they run out of military gear to loot, salvage and have no drugs to sale for funding. Then they will start going down.

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