Joe Rogan Experience #901 – Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a Ph.D in biomedical science and expert on nutritional health. Her podcasts and other videos can be found at –

31 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #901 – Dr. Rhonda Patrick

  1. I realized Joe is really good at articulating certain ideas I never could do the way he does. one day I hoe to articulate my ideas as well as he does to others. some of these topics are mind blowing in the sense that I felt gagged compared to how fluidly Joe delivers these topics and ideas. An example to point out in this podcast would be when he is talking about the way Joe talks about his friend who took Zoloft for a year and that she said she lost a year of her life, "not feeling bad, but also not feeling great" Embrace the struggle everyone! thanks Joe for another brilliant podcast and devise questions!

  2. I've been trying live a healthier lifestyle and it's made me really introspective and made me more aware of how my body reacts to stress. When Joe Rogan goes into his explanation on how the human mind is designed to confront serious matters, that really resonated with me. Even after do all that mindfulness shit and plan things, I still have this uneasiness that I never feel like is dealt with unless I do some sort of physical activity. I have a hoop in my backyard, and everytime I feel stressed or overwhelmed about what work needs to get done for the day, I have this strong urge to go outside and shoot around for a 5-10 minutes. And every time I do, I feel less anxious and ready to get shit done. It feels like there is a lack of awareness about this, hence people will procrastinate to stay in their comfort zone, binge eat or look to pills to deal with stress. Doctor's need to prescribe gym memberships to their patients.

  3. I read one of Einstein's brain characteristics was precisely very few gray mass or way less dense than the average brain, so the fact that it peaks out at 20 should make perfect sense; intelligence it's more about the glia as I undersand it. Any corrections/reinforcements?

  4. Funny. She just said something like, "you are still young at 60." Yep! I'm getting ready to ride home 16 miles on my ebike (equivalent to about 10-11 miles on a regular bike) – something I do five times a week. I'm 59 and it's no big deal. And I'm not some kind or serious athlete. I just stay active.

  5. 3:38 So if you run before and after learning, does it help both short and long term recall? And then what if you run while learning as well (assuming you avoid running into a wall ‘cos you’ve got your face in a book 😬)? Maybe we should just run all the time. No doubt then someone will publish a result that shows you learn better if you have a wee seat every so often.

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