Mariupol: The Final Line of Defense – Russian Roulette (Dispatch 99)

The eastern Ukrainian port city of Mariupol is just 30 kilometers from the Russian border, and was previously controlled by the Donetsk People’s Republic. The Ukrainian military has done its best to fortify the city after winning it back, but many believe that the pro-Russia separatists plan to seize control of it once again.

In this dispatch from Ukraine, VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky embeds with the Azov battalion as it prepares to defend Mariupol.

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49 thoughts on “Mariupol: The Final Line of Defense – Russian Roulette (Dispatch 99)

  1. Говорят что не фашисты но при этом придерживаются правых идей в политике, при этом используя свастичные символики..Где логика?

  2. these paramilitairies of the Azov Batalion loved a bit too much Nazi symbols ( das Reich and Totenkopf emblems, MG 42 tatoo on the skull ) to be only Ukrainian patriots …

  3. Wtf all kevlar helmets are based off the ww2 german design your wearing one you fucking idiot also german flecktarn is a great camo for there environment and you call your self a combat reporter

  4. You sad pathetic Russian trolls are throwing the "fascist" term left and right…when in fact it's your dictator Putin and the complete destruction of any will of people that is the only fascism in any of this. Russian people are really dumb as a collective…and that is why there is nothing really to worry about them…well maybe some of the smaller neighboring countries like Ukraine. They did in the end a good job defending their country against a fascist Russki-inflamed land grab.

  5. всё у них в шутку ))) наколки фашистские в шутку ….. рука вверх в шутку…. армия вот не хочет воевать на стороне фашистов-а это не шутка…

  6. I like how you guys actually believed that ukraine is the good guys? Like wtf?? Do you forget what the ukrainian did on the russian embassy in ukraine where the pro ukrainian civilians sorrounded and just started a fire on the building where there are a lot of pro russians inside that embassy building?? And not just that, the majority of the people that are inside are innocent civilians?? Ukrainians even faked that they were helping the people who are trapped inside ??.. every single one that was inside that building died … i mean the russians just want to help the people who were pro russians because they were being harassed by the pro ukranians …

  7. бандеровцы, вон из Мариуполя! азов, это убийцы, всех мастей! Зачем эти быдла, приперлись на Донбасс? Их ни кто не звал! Мариуполь сделал свой выбор, в 14 году! Остальное, все вранье и от лукавого!

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