How North Korea Smuggles Parts to Build Nuke Missiles (HBO)

In order for North Korea to develop ICBMs fitted with warheads that could reach America, the heavily sanctioned state would need restricted equipment from outside the country. VICE News Tonight examines.

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23 thoughts on “How North Korea Smuggles Parts to Build Nuke Missiles (HBO)

  1. Build a wall to stop illegal immigrants? The Chinese try this thousand years ago. Did we learn from history? American technology was taken from uncle "hitler" after the great wars. United Nations was created to prevent the disaster of the first great wars instead we had more wars. Hm hmm!!!?

  2. The West was singing the praise of Nuclear Deterrence & how it kept the peace for so long, and yet bully, threaten & try to stop North Korea from acquiring the same deterrent..

    And for those who think that NK are warmongers, you just need to look at the number of wars that they have started, the number of countries they have invaded & the number of deaths & what's left of their cities after the last Korean war and indiscriminate US bombardment..

    The only way to stop a bully is to confront them – well done North Korea…

  3. As of September 2015, the United States has a total of 4,571 warheads in its nuclear weapons stockpile, according to a State Department official. Not supporting NK here but guys ya'll have lost moral credibility.

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