Joe Rogan Experience #920 – Gavin McInnes

Gavin McInnes is a writer, creative director, actor, comedian, and co-founder of Vice Media. He also hosts his own show “The Gavin McInnes Show” available here –

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  1. 2:07:50 I live in NYC and I'm a white guy dating a Jamaican girl. I find this funny that people might look at us this way. Ann Coulter said the same thing about interracial couples in NYC… That we are showing off just by appearing together in public and holding hands. When in reality, we just see ourselves as two people spending time together and we have spent absolutely no time thinking about the fact that we are interracial. The only ones who think about it seem to be conservative mouthpieces that say they dont care, but somehow just seeing us on the train holding hands annoys them.

    EDIT: I take exception to the anti-manbun sentiments also lol

  2. Joe, I couldn’t be more angry with you. You are now going to call Gavin a weirdo, that’s low. You act like Antifa the people that harassed him were in the right to harass him, pepper spray him, you basically denounce Gavin call him a weirdo and say nothing about the Antifa “you don’t even know that much about” come on! Crowder did actual news reporting where Antifa gang was handing out weapons to people coming to their protests, the FBI got involved. But sure Joe stand on the fence, don’t stand up for free speech or what’s right, you don’t want to alienate your fans. SMFH

  3. Does Joe not understand that the left media would not want to report facts that hurts their feelings and cause/talking points? That courage would get that writer fired and doxed. He must know that just because media is right wing doesn't make it any less legit than all the left wing msm, that's how we have been brainwashed, when that article on PJ clearly had links to BBC and other studies.

  4. Gavin McInnes is a racist and bigot. Just because he is married to a Native American doesn’t mean he cannot be racist. WTF?!!! The two aren’t mutually exclusive. Also I’m pretty sure he hates Muslims not just the conservative or extremists. He’s a white supremacist just like Stefan Molyneux but tries to package his hate in a more subtle way. He’s Alt-right and anyone whose heard his opinions knows that.

  5. But at what point are at the burning of the Reichstad… At what point do you stop accepting another "view/opinion".. because the Germans didn't do it early enough… If the answer is when violence is encouraged we are way past that now, Dec 2018.

  6. Do you think he would have 1099's from Putin? Joe's argument would makes sense if you can see where everyone's money comes from from their personal tax return, but that's never the case. The Clintons' personal tax return doesn't show all their foreign money through the Clinton Foundation either.

  7. My Grandpa is a retired Radiologist. He loves to work still here and there and is constantly learning and working on projects, building and fixing cars and properties. He wears a pocket protector every single day and makes it look good. Geniuses where

  8. Even your guy Obama, left from the white house a millionaire. Show me one president that has allowed for their tax records to be open to the public? What you are asking is unrealistic, and you still have the leftist taint on you: you do wrong and then blame it on others. They have a word for that in Psychology, projection.

  9. Joe again you're making a fool of yourself. As always, you're all talk, just a mouth with no brain. What President in US History has never been influenced by foreign interests. There hasn't been one in the last 50 years. Sorry, that became broke when LBJ took the white house.

  10. This guys is a terrorist simple as that. He is ISIS speaking english in a way to relate to gullible idiots. How do you think ISIS entices suicide bombers? Same shit so any of you idiots backing this horrid person is a moron.

  11. i came back to watch this after hoe said hes not a racist and i gotta admit….he seems pretty damn racist lol and even if you wanna claim hes not the rhetoric and unwillingness to change a proven wrong opinion matches up with most racist people lol

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