Trackers Are Some Of The Most Hated (And Powerful) People In Politics (HBO)

Sometimes a politician says something so racist, sexist, or otherwise terrible that it could (or should) ruin their career.

But somebody’s got to be there to get it on tape – and that’s a pretty tough gig.

Zach Wurtz has been working as a political “tracker” in Washington State for almost a decade. Most of his work involves driving for hours to tape local politicians giving speeches. Sometimes these are massive ballroom events with rich Republican donors, other times they’re tiny gatherings in community centers.

If his “target” shows up to give a speech in public, Zach shows up too, camera in hand – ready to capture every word and send it back to his (usually Democratic) client.

He’s a bit like a spy, except he’s so famous in Washington political circles that everybody knows who he is — and tries to kick him out of their events.

VICE News rode along with Zach to find out what life as one of the most-hated people in politics is really like.

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25 thoughts on “Trackers Are Some Of The Most Hated (And Powerful) People In Politics (HBO)

  1. I see nothing wrong with this! If you’re giving a public speech you are liable to anything you say. It may be annoying but if you’re that pissed off you clearly have something to hide.

  2. The whole "his hair is unprofessional" argument is invalid when the man has a job. If you do not wish to hire a person because of their hair that's on you but it's a whole different thing when you are complaining when he has a job. Also you can't take him serious? Give me a break and grow up, his job is to report the "facts" and his hair does effect that.

  3. This is the forth unnamed branch of our government, and with out it we would not function as a democracy. Legislative, Judicial, Executive and the Press (thanks to freedom of speech).

    If you see politicians attacking the press, they are attacking the values of the USA.

    Does the press lie and mess up sometimes? Sure, but you can only stop lies with the truth. Sunlight is the greatest disinfectant.

  4. see, this is the problem with politics and politicians. The fact that these politicians go out of their way to prevent people like this from recording what they say means they know that they're dirty. It means they know they lie, they know they get paid to promote the agenda of special interest groups, and it means they are dangerous. They are a threat to the first amendment, to freedom, and they're a threat to the American people. I wish the people they were talking to had the sense to understand that because if they did, they would DEMAND that trackers and cameras be on these politicians 24/7. We are the American people and we DESERVE the TRUTH.

  5. This is what the demoKKKcrat do they attack candidate in any election including our midterm

    Keypoint if a candidate agrees with all or some of trump policies boom THERE YOUR TARGER and that what they do just like how that NAZI LOVER GEORGE SOROS give $$$$$$$$ to group so they can attack


    Just and look at the MIDTERM and how oneside it is and you see the exact same thing in 2020

  6. The democratic weakness that must scheme against the republic to, among other schemes, develop tactics like fraudulent votes to illegally gain public office. Vice channel is an extremely democratic voice, right or wrong, usually defaming the republics support.

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