America’s Deported Veterans: La Frontera

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There are soldiers and marines that have served the United States even though they were not born in the country. Some of them entered the US by crossing the border illegally, but after being promised citizenship in exchange for their service, they enlisted. Some of them have risked their lives on the front lines in wars like Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. Today they find themselves deported to Mexico after having committed a crime, like cashing checks without funds, shooting a firearm or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Many suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder after having served the United States on the ground and have, since their deportation, lost the right to receive medical attention.

We went to Tijuana to meet a group of veterans who have been expelled by the U.S. Government. Héctor Barajas, a former paratrooper for the U.S. Army, has seen with his own eyes just how difficult life is for the veterans who have been expelled from their country. After living in Tijuana’s El Bordo river canal, he decided to leave his addictions behind and start a shelter for deported veterans. The Bunker, as the site is known, has the capacity to host up to 5 veterans who have been deported to Tijuana.

Hector and another 20 veterans are in Mexico fighting for the U.S. to acknowledge their service, grant them the citizenship that was promised to them when they decided to serve in the Armed Forces and allow them to return to what they consider to be their country. Every month they station themselves at the San Ysidro international border, to expose both Mexicans and Americans to their story.

They are just some of the 2 million Mexicans who have been deported under the Obama Administration.

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37 thoughts on “America’s Deported Veterans: La Frontera

  1. Why don’t they say where they were deployed too?????? You can join the military and do your time but if you have never fought in a war your not called a Veteran FYI. Just remember just because you join the military doesn’t mean every American citizens owes you something. Like a lot of people commenting on this thread, “people join for many different reasons,”, one being they don’t know what they want to do in their life. The military has every kind of job, like civilian life. They might of been a mop boy or a cook. Lmao

  2. They decided to commit crimes. The law states they must serve out their enlistment, honorably. If you got discharged for a dui, that means you got either a dishonorable discharge or other than honorable. Than you committed another crime while out, that's your fault you got deported. If you decide to go to a life of crime it's on you.

  3. They said their head of the family but they're out there doing bad things that means they weren't even with their families they were out there doing wrong there, families were at home see that's what I like about liars they use their kids all my kids all my kids only when they do something bad and get caught then I miss my kids I love my kids I guarantee you if they were still here and didn't get deported still to be doing all kinds of damage to the United States no remorse they're just victims sad

  4. The third one he swore to be a good soldier instead he gets drunk shoots out of a car not caring who gets a woman or a child just living it up but it's the Americans fault that he's there no apology no remorse it's the Americans fault but he's good there now you don't break any rules over there I wonder why

  5. The first one had dope in the truck taking it to her children the second one doing fraud robbing our banks not caring what the consequences are but if you look it up now they can't do that over there

  6. And I think it's a good thing they got deported because if you noticed they don't break a law over there they don't disrespect people or their property they just do what's right see sometimes it's good to be deported now they're good citizens for Mexico they had their chance here

  7. Yeah they serve their country but they're not telling you that they used to do a lot of bad things and got a lot of kids in trouble the only tell you what you want to hear but if they would try the truth how bad they were and why they got deported then that would change your mind they need to be honest how the influence kids to do bad adults to do bad but they don't tell you that that's why I don't like to hear certain things these people say because they're lying

  8. Why does US military even allow non citizens to enlist ? Seems there should be a special program as a pathway to citizenship. But…committing a crime a crime…whether citizen or not.

  9. Also, under the new Trumpian Nirvana System, vets that have become felons may only win their citizenship back if they serve 20 more years fighting directly in Latin America and killing all the guys that are murdering the families of those seeking asylum.  They must take photos of each head they kill for accounting purposes.  This deal should be compulsory for any country that sends their immigrants here seeking asylum.  First they must build prisons for the  "an immigrant for an immigrant policy."  Second, they must allow the U.S. Felons Force (USFF, a branch of the Army, let say) to march around in search and destroy missions anywhere those murdering gangs exist.  Now, who's with me?  Omar, you and who else?

  10. Omar Espinosa is right.  In fact, all felons should get deported to Guatemala, Nicaragua or El Salvador.  For every asylum case that gets approved into the U.S. a felon is sent over there, call it the "an immigrant for an immigrant policy."  Trump can build some prisons there and when they get out, they are no longer American citizens.  If Guatemala, Nicaragua or El Salvador won't do it, build prisons in Antarctica or someplace like it where the U.S. can buy land and make it a colony of disenfranchised felons.  When they get out they can build more prisons and guard the new felons themselves.  Now that would be a real Trumpian Nirvana.

  11. Look people if you are a veteran and you deported there is a reason why you deported you break the oath plus you dishonored your branch especially your privilege so UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT ALWAY ON TOP OF ALL LAWS AND RULES AND YOU REPRESENT ONE OF THESE MILITARY BRANCHES AND YOU BREAK THE LAWS YOU STRIKE OUT MEAN DEPORTED ANOTHER WORD YOU DON'T DESERVE ANOTHER CHANCES BY

  12. Illegal immigrantion like the caravan in our southern border is wrong but, deporting those who served for our country and risked their lives for our country? Those men are true americans and deporting them is wrong, even if they had a green card or whatever their status was, they fought for our country under our flag, give them a citizenship immediately.

  13. These people are more American that most Americans and even trump they are serving a country that disrespects them and their families and they risk their lives for protecting the freedom and rights of people who don’t even want them in their country and they turn they’re backs on them when they need them

  14. Well the comment I'm about to state isn't related to the Veterans but more like an advice. I know someone that came into this country in the 80s and they brought there family and kids to have a better life. They never got into trouble with the law they always respected and follow the morals but eventually and this is wayyyy before Donald Trump got into the pictures this is probably the time when George Bush was the president. So in there minds it never came into thought about applying for there Resident card aka green card or obtaining a full US Citizen and unfortunately the rules got stricter and they all got Deported back to there country. The moral is that coming to the United States of America is a dream for billions to change there life but always have that plan to fulfill the motive to obtaining or apply for your US Citizenship. Don't tell yourself naw I'll be find cause when you least expect it it'll will drop on you.

    For the Veterans we as a people should do more cause they have sacrifice everything just so the American people of all Nationality and Races could sleep good at night.

  15. If my mother put me through what these women put their kids through I would be pissed off at my mother and would dislike her for a very long time. You don't put your kids in a position to lose their mother or father, tell me she didn't know this was going to happen she would be lying to her kids and herself. You CAN NOT come to another country and then hope for the best. I call this child abuse.

  16. I was guessing he had done something illegal then sure enough it says it. To get three years in prison over marijuana then it would of had been A LOT.
    All you people bitching he should get his citizenship for cleaning toilets on a ship should shut the

  17. These guys got used and abused there stupid for believing the big lie. At least now the can move forward knowing there in there real country that they can support and believe in and have full accountability

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