Joe Rogan Experience #835 – Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux is best known for his documentaries in the television series “Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends” and “When Louis Met…”, as well as his Louis Theroux’s BBC Two specials.

25 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #835 – Louis Theroux

  1. Hi Joe I really enjoy your podcasts. I am a beginner in JiuJitsu and wanted to do some strength and core conditioning training at home (free hand) to compliment my JiuJitsu. Can you share some videos please?

  2. Joe do you realise the description of Tom Cruise you gave is exactly the same as a psychotic? Ted Bundy was described with the exact personality, focused, intelligent, charming, friendly. Duttons book, "the wisdom of psychopaths" has a great explanation. Roughly, imagine a mixing board, except Bundy had everything maxed out. Lawyers, Brain Surgeons etc, have the same switches, except they only have a few turned up to the max so they don't have the desire go stabby stabby. worth a read.

  3. I went into a Scientology hub for a coffee once and got into an interesting conversation with an attractive girl as I was bored and curious of her perspective of it all.. I ended up leaving my number with the front desk for the hell of it (and maybe to check out a seminar out of curiosity). They then proceeded to harass me for over a year on the phone with multiple numbers… I said I've changed my mind early on and they just kept calling to try and suck me in. It was NOT a pleasant experience and I felt pressured when I wasn't even a part of them.

  4. Another great interview although disappointing to hear Theroux think there’s any grey area in the Charlie Hebdo murders. Would it have helped if they called Ron Hubbard a “piece of shit” instead perhaps?

  5. it always depends on circumstances whether something is right or wrong so it is hard to make 'golden rules' like do not murder. What you could put forward is instead something like it is not right to murder unless it is for the greater good, however this 'greater good' is debated but largely seen as inducing the greatest happiness for the greatest amount of people possible but that is just one theory. However certain concepts are always bad like injustice and greed for example.

  6. Louis Theroux is such a tuned in clever guy that really does make me laugh when he has his seriousness and the way he puts stuff across,I like Joe as well and I am sure lots of you do as well.The English are the best at many things including Sir Tim Berners Lee the guy the invented the internet so us English especially Londoners are trail blazers.

  7. SAvile must have been off limits. I'm surprised JR didn't go into Savilie as LT was the only person ever to make a documentary about him. LT still works for the BBC so thats most likely why no mention.

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