VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – June, 6 2014

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Al Jazeera journalists detained in Egypt face 15 years in prison, Kenyan police seize hundreds of elephant tusks, Thai military sweeps the country for weapons, and Brazil’s ‘love hotels’ are refurbished for the upcoming World Cup.

Prosecutors Seek Maximum Sentences for Al Jazeera Journalists
The three, accused of supporting the now-banned Muslim Brotherhood, face 15 years in prison. Read more here:

Police Seize Elephant Ivory in Mombasa
Authorities intercepted the parts as they were being prepared for export.

Army and Police Round up Weapons
Hundreds of weapons have been confiscated since authorities declared martial law month.

Rio’s ‘Love Hotels’ Updated Ahead of World Cup
Rooms outfitted with more traditional decor to appeal to a broader clientele.

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24 thoughts on “VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – June, 6 2014

  1. i really think Vice is hidding alot of shit about Ukraine……….Might they have been propaganda on the coverage, and now that shits hitting the fan there silently backpeddling? Or has one of there journalists died….>FUCK VICE TELL ME IM GOING CRAZZY!!!!!< ERMAHGEERD I NEED UPDATES NOWW!!!!!!

  2. Everything wrong in Brazil and the government is now focusing on helping rich hotels…Everyone in government there must be high on some very good cocaine cause holy shit are the people in Brazil getting fucked.

  3. I always supported Vice, but now I just want to curse on them. So we should start believing all those pro-russian commenters here who told that you are propaganda news and full of shit? It's over a week with no news of Ukraine, exactly when shit is going down there. Seriously? Fuck this bullshit.

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