Mexico’s Immigrant Oasis: Last Stop Before the Border

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The town of Altar, Sonora, is the last stop for thousands of migrants who plan to illegally cross the border that separates Mexico and the United States in search of a better life. Here, the economy revolves around migration. Along its streets we can find everything from special slippers to avoid detection by motion sensors installed in the Arizona desert, camouflage clothing to avoid being spotted by Border Patrol agents, backpacks, gloves, and even contraceptives for the women — as it is estimated that 80 percent of them will be raped during their journey.

We wanted to know how difficult this crossing is for the migrants. It involves walking across the desert for days on end, abuse at the hands of human traffickers, and being hunted by Border Patrol agents. VICE news visited the Sasabe desert, between Sonora and Arizona, which registers temperatures of up to 120 degrees during the day and drops below 30 degrees at night. In this hellhole, the migrants may run into Father Prisciliano Peraza, a cowboy who apart from delivering mass, also travels through the desert in his pickup truck, dropping off supplies to those attempting to cross the border — to help them avoid meeting their death during the attempt.

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42 thoughts on “Mexico’s Immigrant Oasis: Last Stop Before the Border

  1. American Citizens should be armed and shoot these POS. They REFUSE to assimilate & BECOME AMERICAN. They want America to become Mexico…..NEVER! Mexico & South America is a cesspool/shithole of infectious vermin that brings NOTHING positive to society. Fat, lazy, useless & breed babies they cannot care for…dumping that burden on Americans. They don't want me on the border…..the desert is a BIG place to leave bodies.

  2. Vice News is extreme far left, anti-white socialist. They hate white people. Notice how they be silent over the genocide of white people in South Africa? Only white people are called racist by these anti-white leftist. They need to join Antifa

  3. the gangs and the democratic party have made it clear, america is no longer in charge of it's boarder or laws. acording to polisi and schumer president trump needs to sit down and shut up about the boarder. it's open and it's going to stay open. we literally have trans national gangs telling the world they are bringing non whites to america . they know we can't stop them. the democratic party is totally responsible for this. i hope trump gets pissed and arms the guard at the boarder, i hope he imposes marshal law giving law enforcement shoot to kill authority. if polisi and schumer show up shoot them too

  4. Scared Americans it's funny how America's one of the Worlds youngest countries and all these people from these other countries want to pour in and suck off our economy why don't you stay in your own land and fix it stop getting mad because you guys want to come over here illegally and just want to send all your money back

  5. Shut up everyone! Geezz. We are all Americans. We deserve to be anywhere in America.
    Definition of America: A land mass of the western hemisphere consisting of the continents of North and South America joined by the Isthmus of Panama.

    See all of us live in America! Our ancerstors were in the US territory years and years ago.
    So we are even more americans than white people. So to you all Go back to Europe! We need our land back cuz you guys fucked up already and dont deserve it!!! Lol😄😄😄

  6. These are the kind of vice news reporters I like to see they are about the peoples hardship hes taking food to them being caring not just a tourist recording their lives hes actually helping out there

  7. I am not anti mexico. I am not an american but if a foreigner comes to our country without paperworks that is alarming. When we go to another country we apply for whatever paperwork we need to comply. That is the global rule. Yes, poverty reasons but that is not an excuse to go to a country illegally. I don't support Trump but I think the wall thing is just right rather than shooting people crossing the border.

  8. My step mother worked 4 years to get legalize before moving here, and she is married to an american. Coming legally, no matter how long it takes, is very possible and very well worth it with no risks. (Also, why would anyone want to risk their lives and their body that way. Then they bring with them illegal drugs. So now they have broken 2 laws… another risk. Many falling into the hands of human traffickers who sell them for work or sex which takes away dignity and freedom, more risks…)

    **Ademas, porque uno quiere arriesgar su vida y su cuerpo de esa manera. Y luego traen drogas con ellos, así que ahora an roto dos leyes, otro riesgo. Mas, muchos están cayendo en las manos de lo traficantes, vendiendo su humanidad por sexo y trabajo cual quita dignidad, lo que podía ganar y libertad… mas riesgos…

  9. Wow so there are people who are helping them to be illegals, to break laws why do Mexicans think it's OK of come in the U.S.A take our such a services even though they've never put into the system,I'm tired of the excuse of their looking for better life or from cartels or more money,they need to fix their own country don't come here and ruin our country.

  10. They want a better life then cross illegally and jump on the freebies, we can’t sustain this , we can’t feed house provide healthcare and they not put anything into the government that they invade illegally. It sucks that their country is so messed up , crime drugs gangs over populated ect. But Americans can’t do it any longer. Go back stop coming fix your country. War is eminent if they don’t stop coming . Many will die, it doesn’t have to that way . Stay in your country and fix it.

  11. They were not coming during the Vietnam war when i lost my oldest brother. Or when my other brother and i did 6 years in the military. They come here illegally and want to make America their home country. Well it doesn't work that wau. Whu dont they stay in their own country and make it better. The men can fight for their country and families. Ask America for assistance with weapons and ammunition!

  12. This is the most bullshit video I have ever seen!
    And bye the way…… the detestable Catholic Church is supposed to obey Caesars laws. Jesus said to render Caesars things to Caesar, and gods things to god! Yup…. the Catholics are breaking Gods laws!

  13. Mexican people are great people .. but to many gangs and cartels … just horrible how Mexico is ran … government don’t give a shit .. I understand why America wants borders to step up .. I hate how they treat the immigrants that are here but when do it stop? I say keep everyone here but don’t be mad when the rest can’t get in … in no way do I support taking kids from family’s but I don’t support people coming here after they fucked there own country up… so keep the people we have and the rest have to get turned away ..

  14. I can only hope that trump can pressure them to immigrate legally and make it easy to do so. No one should have to take an 80% chance that they will be raped trying to immigrate.

  15. I think it's outrageous how US politicians had no problem funding Israel's border wall to keep out African migrants but won't lift a finger to build one to protect their own country. Really makes you think, (((who))) really controls America.

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