VICE on HBO Season One: Bad Borders (Episode 2)

Segment 1: Escape from North Korea

Thousands of North Koreans cross the border into China illegally every year. Living in perpetual fear of being discovered, with all odds against them, defectors still do everything they can to leave. If arrested in communist Laos, they may be sent back to North Korea to face prison camp or worse. The risks of escaping the North and heading to the South are so great that fewer than 25,000 North Koreans have ever made the journey successfully. VICE joins a South Korean pastor who has developed a modern-day underground railroad to move defectors from China to freedom and eventual citizenship in South Korea.

Segment 2: World’s Most Dangerous Border

The most dangerous place in the world is Kashmir’s line of control, which partially occupies the Indian state and separates India from Pakistan. Observers in both India and Pakistan believe the decades-old conflict between the two nations could potentially lead to the end of the world as we know it. VICE travels across Pakistan to the contested line of control in Kashmir, pointing out how close a nuclear apocalypse is yet again.

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36 thoughts on “VICE on HBO Season One: Bad Borders (Episode 2)

  1. 14:33 " I will tell you without any hesitation that we are facing the worst kind of state terrorism……."

    The very fact that you are able to express yourself freely in the Indian Kashmir is enough to smash your vacuous and superficial statement above, buddy! The very fact that you can freely say (without fear of any Army backlash) that you are facing the worst kind of Indian state-sponsored terrorism WHILE LIVING WELL INSIDE INDIAN TERRITORY is enough to speculate as to whether or not all these tales of human rights abuses could very well be heavily exaggerated (even though some substantial excesses may have happened at the hands of Indian forces).

    Remember, the truly oppressed can NEVER even freely express their anguish and agony of alleged persecution by their own state WHILE living well within the territory of their oppressor state. For Ex: North Korea or in Pak occupied Kashmir, Taliban-era Afghanistan.

  2. First thing, this hate speech and ugly comments over internet should stop. If it's anything pakistanis and indians in foreign countries are really friendly. Whether it's India or Pakistan, we all share the same history and culture. I've seen videos of Karachi and Lahore which is no different from Delhi or Mumbai. I believe every country would like to be friendly with it's border nation. It's really advantage. As Husain Haqqani said, we should be friends first.

  3. I am from Pakistan, so let's clarify this misguided information.
    1. India & Pakistan do not hate hate each other, there are differences amongst them.
    2. Search for Kashmir Pellet guns and you'll view what the Indian Army is doing to the Kashmiri Civilians.
    3. On the L.O.C it is always India that fires first.
    4. PAKISTAN DOES NOT TRAIN MILITANTS FFS. The Taliban Militants are from Afghanistan that have created networks in Pakistan in the name of Islam. Search up Waziristan and how the Talibans had control on the the villages near and have damaged so many civilians lives all over Pakistan in hundreds and thousands.
    The most lives lost on war on terror are of Pakistan Civilians & soilders.
    5. If Kashmiris are living peacefully in Indian Occupied Kashmir then why does the indian army torture the civilians for protestations.

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