How Detective Work Is Rescuing Kids From The Foster Care System (HBO)

Tom Prudden and Ashlynn Stiles spend much of their working week knocking on doors across Missouri, hoping to find someone willing to let them in to talk about adopting a child.

Prudden, a retired cop, and Stiles, a former preschool teacher, work for Foster Adopt Connect, a private family service agency in Kansas City. They call themselves “Extreme Recruiters,” an experimental team of child welfare workers who travel across Missouri to track down family members who can adopt teenagers before they age out of the foster care system. Each year, 23,000 teenagers across the country leave the system at the age of 18 without finding a permanent home.

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40 thoughts on “How Detective Work Is Rescuing Kids From The Foster Care System (HBO)

  1. I lived in 22 foster homes that I know of I was taken as a baby went back then at 6 was taken for good, 22 foster homes then when I was to old I left 14 years later I’ve moved 54 times I’m tired of it all

  2. If anything that’s a restañare to how dog shit cos is at finding family members why is this being outsourced like damn congrats to those detectives but that kid basically did 7 years cuz they couldn’t match his last name to a woman on another state 7 YEARS

  3. For someone that young to go through what he has gone through, the pain and hurt he has dealt with or dealing with to still be able to have good in his heart. That is what life is about…. going through shit and still be able to smile and be kind.

  4. Millions of foster care children go missing every year . We know who’s taking them. And we know what they’re doing . Human trafficking being one . “Coming to you from your governmental system soon!!”. The parents won’t come looking for them .

  5. It's admirable that these people are picking up the slack but I hope they don't drop these kids off with anyone just because they're blood relatives…

  6. DFS doesn't want to contact family members because they get money for those children.. lost and shuffled around like a dirty old shoe…people need to talk about they need to know what DFS means I need to know what a foster home means what a group home means

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