VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – May,22 2014

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Russia will sentence five men for the 2006 murder of a journalist, Human Rights Watch releases report on a Philippines ‘death squad’, riots hit the Macedonian capital over the stabbing death of a teenager, and JPMorgan Chase says it will invest $100 million in Detroit.

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Five Convicted in 2006 Murder of Prominent Journalist
Court begins sentencing for men convicted of killing Anna Politkovskaya.

Human Rights Watch Urges ‘Death Squad’ Probe
Nearly 300 people were allegedly killed over a six-year period on the southern island of Mindanao.

Protests Hit the Capital After Teenager’s Fatal Stabbing
Riots began in Skopje on Monday over the ethnicity of the suspect taken into custody.

JP Morgan Chase to Invest $100 Million in Detroit
The funds will be spent mostly on city revitalization efforts.

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37 thoughts on “VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – May,22 2014

  1. America ….They bitch and complain about the dumbest shit… Which doesn't even start any problems. Then they protest somehow thinking it will do something, while in other countries they suffer from war, then Americans talk trash how they are idiots for fighting, yet are country is weak and would stand down to Russia if they invaded.

  2. Why do libtards find the killings of drug dealers and other degenerate criminals "chilling"? I hope you bleeding hearts get mugged, raped and murdered by the criminal monsters that you're in bed with. Or maybe they can just sell you some tainted drugs instead so you'll hopefully OD.

    The story out of Macedonia is a yet reminder that diversity is not a strength. On the contrary, it's usually a source of conflict.

    And the reports on Russia and Detroit further prove that left-wing socialism tends to not work and that ethnic Russians and black people don't seem capable of maintaining civilized societies.

  3. Russia killing off journalists that was exposing their human rights violations…  Seriously though… Is anyone surprised???

     Syrians, our hearts go out to the women and children that died from this. Know this though, the west wants to help, Russia and china veto our opinions every time in the UN. Be mad at them not us.

  4.  Didn't Obama give the banks 700 billion ? Nice try JP Morgan . The people who are awake realize that that is tax payer money that you are trying to loan back to us for interest. Wow these guys have some nerve.

  5. 1:36 lol,wrong info, It is the SLAVIC ppl that is minority, get your facts right.

    but they control everything. them stealing culture and try to call themselves "Macedonians.",
    they take the best jobs, best schools. and everything else. even albanians was there years before them in Balkan.
    just saying,

  6. $100,000,000 on 18,000,000,000… that's funny Stop robbing our inheritance you crooked ass bankers. I swear you <unts will swing soon enough if you keep robbing from us. YOU PRODUCE NOTHING BUT PAPER AND THAT IS ALL YOU ARE WORTH, NOTHING. Detroit has fallen because of rampant drug use and the drug cartels spreading it into the auto factories. Look at GM and all their recalls WE PAID FOR THAT. WE OWN YOUR CORPORATIONS. BECAUSE THE PEOPLE ARE THE CORPORATION.

  7. how come you haven't reported nothing on the floods in Bosnia over million ppl with out homes and beryl hear about it on the news in Australia let alone on vice gees the world dose not care about the Muslims

  8. I love how the guy in Syria blames the West. The west gets blamed when we don't intervene like here, and we get blamed when we do intervene like in Libya and Afghanistan. What do they want us to do exactly?

  9. JP morgan and chase is to "invest" 100 million in 5 years wtf? thats like saying i'll give you a penny and take a dollar. they are collectors of real estate, and financial systems wouldnt want their money, sad that detroit was the motor city of the nation, and now reduced to rubble because of the likes of JP Morgan Chase.

  10. why dont they look into american drone killings of thousands of innocent people, and into benghazi, oh wait thats an open a shut case with no evidence like bill maher stated because he is our top political analyst/comedian lmao. our media is a joke, we control what others need to hear and then wonder why people are just giving cable away for free in bundle packages lmao.  mainstream media cannot be trusted by  the people.

  11. Let me straight this out for you American Vice Dumbfucks. Macedonia is a region. Referring to the Republic of Macedonia as Macedonia alone would include parts of Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria and half of Greece. 
    Get your shit together, "journalists".

  12. I drove into Detroit once. I was coming from the west and got off like 5 exits into the city to look for a gas station. I drove 6 blocks through abandoned industrial areas, at least a few miles, past unlit streets and the occasional wandering person. It was deathly quiet, unlit, depressing. Totally void of production or happiness. Hope things turn around for you folks in Detroit. Don't hold your breath though.

  13. I live out here in Detroit. The city needs money but it needs to get rid of corruption too. Also, the media exaggerates most of the time about Detroit. Its not no hell hole, but its not a paradise.

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