Louisiana May Shut Down This Charter School Working Miracles For Dyslexic Kids (HBO)

Betsey De Vos’s confirmation as Secretary of Education comes with the expectation that she will be a strong ally for charter schools. Charter schools are publicly funded but are run like small businesses – it’s the state’s responsibility to regulate which are succeeding and which are falling short. But judging the efficacy of charters isn’t always easy.

In Louisiana, where the number of charters has grown significantly since Hurricane Katrina, the state is still figuring out how to manage the system. Roberto Ferdman visited to explore how the original promise of charters – creating the opportunity for more diverse and specialized schools – hasn’t come to be.

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46 thoughts on “Louisiana May Shut Down This Charter School Working Miracles For Dyslexic Kids (HBO)

  1. im dyslexic i believe, i have refused to take a test. i have been sat down in a room to get tested. yet i refused to say anything, i dont want it ruining my career. its not obvious thankfully and doesnt get in the way too much

  2. Am I the only one seeing that the lack of investment is part of the problem? We should have electronic tools and programs for dyslexia educating. That, I pray, would speed up the learning process. So, seeing the struggle as a test! Implementing investment through better tools for teaching helps prove evolution against the negative past results. Also, this would speed up the learning progress rate. Thank God for the lessons, and defeat the lie that these kids start to ever believe that they are EVEN REMOTELY stupid. They are not stupid, just different. Last time I checked, "Mr. Wonderful" aka Kevin O'Leary is ONE EXAMPLE of success while having dyslexia. Take the tests, and make it a lesson for other schools of this nature to follow! True success comes from investing in who you are, not where you are in the valley of a struggle.

  3. I had a learning disability growing up and barely graduated from hs. I couldn't read or write like the other kids my age. It was super hard when i tried going to college and getting fs. So i quit. Fast forward to today, im now an architect! Yay! But i learned the hard way, and one of the challenges i overcame was to use my brain in a way that no one was able to teach me- critical thinking.

  4. For schools that are for special education students like this one they need to test each child independent in the beginning of the school year and then 1/2 way threw and at the end of the school year to see if there has been any improvement. That way it would show the state that there teachers were teaching the students and would show the teachers and students where the student was at academically. And how they can improve themself.

  5. the idea that "if only public schools had more funding" is bs and its been shown to be wrongs by 100s of large studies, over and over. Why do people defend public schools, they're shit. Charter schools make money, but they do an excellent job, that should be a win win shouldn't it? We pay for school with taxes either way so whats the difference, public suck and cost shit loads in taxes, charter schools also cost money but they do extremely well for their students plus someone gets to make a living by owning the schools. People don't like charter schools because left leaning people simply hate people making money, they're envious, spiteful people that figure if hes making money, it must be evil. Charter schools are the better option in every way, except by the fact that the poor don't get a free ride.

  6. Hmmm, what would the State's motivation for giving a School an F? I love how Vice focused on one special students school.

    One simple comparison: a county or parish before and after charter schools. That's all we need as parents. What was the average test score before and after?! Simple.

    The way you reported this is telling.

  7. Why does this video make it out that charter schools are all about special needs kids? That's not what they primarily are about. The story is obviously trying to gain our sympathy/support by trying to associate them.

  8. I graduated from a charter high school in New Orleans.. I attended a year after Katrina i received a decent education we had all new books, computers, new everything. Sandra Bullock sponsored us, George Bush visited.. hella money was being poured in. & they told us to score high so they can receive more money. It's definitely for profit.

  9. Why would you keep kids in a room, no speaking, no moving, and be in stress? because it's the best way to make them think what they want and don't want for their future.

  10. In Ohio, once a charter school has failed too many years in a row all they have to do is change the name and shuffle the management and open up in the fall with a fresh several-year grace period to make a passing grade again. It goes on and on because the charter companies plow money into politician war chests through lobbyists.

  11. we emphasize assessments for schools. With all this testing, we are interfering with the education. I for one think we should model the education system in Scandinavia. Teaching is considered a proffesion and the students do way more with less

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