Fighting for Peace in the Philippines: VICE News Interviews Nur Misuari

Nur Misuari is the founder of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), an armed group that’s fought for independence against the government of the Philippines for more than three decades.

Misuari currently lives in a remote MNLF encampment on the island of Jolo. The area is a no-go zone for outsiders, especially journalists. VICE News takes the perilous journey into Jolo to meet Misuari and discuss the future of the MNLF as well as the current political situation in the Philippines.

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42 thoughts on “Fighting for Peace in the Philippines: VICE News Interviews Nur Misuari

  1. Rebellion Group: We have fought for independence! We never been captured by Spain, Americans, British! Only the northern was!

    Philippine Gov: wasnt all of our lands was taken by the Japanese?

    Rebel Group: We fight and done a guerilla. We deserved a independence rather than being a part of you! Our history is seperated!

    Phil Gov: Just a propaganda. Now shut up and fight me. You have a representation in our flag. So no

  2. They're fighting for independence??? What independence … It doesn't make sense to me … Here in our place we don't have any issue with them … They just wanted to get the whole mindanao … Which is not good for me … Maybe they have to quit with history … Yes it is true that mindanao was not conquered by spanish nor americans … But Phils is a Republic and it needs to be united as one … Including Mindanao …

  3. Muslims are natural born rebels, terrorist, killers, kidnappers, toturers, drug trafickers. They pronounce peace to stage the world to war. Muslims are forever traitors and treacherous, its dangerous to make them as a friend. They smile at you friendly and making you as their friend but there is a bomb, knife, sword, riffle at the back of their hand. If they say peace it will be so dangerous to here thay word because it will be war. Muslim cannot achieve their goals without using violence. Look st their cities its like the uncilized world because violence and terrorism is the number 1 policy of a muslim in their areas. Beware because they will be the factor of destruction of the entirw human race. Again hearing a word peace from them it will the scariest thing to us. Because the muslims peace will be used agajnst us.

  4. what did you do you know that they are the number one ho founded the Isis in Syria and Iraq and also they are the people ho killed hundred thousands of civilians in Mindanao since Filipino american war the rebels just wanted not to be a part of western white shit people

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