VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – December 12, 2014

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The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Taliban attacks French-run high school in Kabul, U.S. and Italian police arrest eight in extortion probe, Google News to shut down in Spain over copyright law, and supporters of Chechen leader pelt Russian rights activists with eggs.

French-Run School Targeted in Taliban Suicide Bomb Attack
Explosives were detonated during the performance of a play that condemned suicide attacks, killing at least one person and injuring 20 others.

Court Orders Mafia Arrests in Extortion Probe
U.S. police issued an arrest warrant for Francesco Palmeri, the underboss of New York’s infamous Gambino mafia. Seven others were detained in a number of Italian cities.

Google News to Shut Down Service Over New Copyright Law
The legislation will allow Spanish media outlets to charge services like Google News for republishing any of their content.

Human Rights Leaders Pelted With Eggs Over Chechnya Comments
Supporters of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov disrupted a conference of activists who criticized the collective punishment of militants’ families in the Russian region.

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33 thoughts on “VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – December 12, 2014

  1. I find it hard to believe that so many people would believe what the definition of a religion is that comes from a terrorist organization who kills whomever they like. Don't forget that they don't discriminate who they shoot at, and could kill their own guys just for "God". Those groups are in for the power, and use (the most twisted interpretations for) religion as an excuse or as propaganda. Also, of course not these Muslim countries are never at peace, it's the lack of security (which is included in EVERY 3rd world country) and actual government to do something about it. Same things happen in the rest of Asia, Africa, South America (biggest producer of illegal drugs and cartels), and hell even the U.S. currently has about 10,000 fire-arm related deaths (alone) per year. People need to realize that the religion, anyway, is (usually) not the main thing to focus about, and in fact it's the horrible 1% who do these things is who should be condemned.

  2. As a Spanish citizen myself all I can say it's fuck the government! All those corrupt fucks deserve is a sharp blade to the stomach. It is funny how they "protect" intellectual properties, but they don't give a shit when a new corruption case involving the people's money is discovered. They are also trying to limit the freedom of speech with the new "mordaza" law, fining people for up to 30000€ for filming police brutality. But in the meantime politicians are robbing millions, getting caught, and being spared in the process by the judicial system. Middle finger to you fucking parasites! A revolution is much needed.

  3. Once again we see how hypocritical friends of Putin are. Chechen leader adopts same tactics that Israel uses with Hamas terrorists…yet Russian policy still strongly racist views of Jewish people with regard to Ukraine theater of combat operations. Russia still facilitates Chechen units still cross Russian border illegally to fight Putin's dirty little war in Ukraine.

  4. The legislation in Spain would not allow but force the sites to charge apparently! That's how fucked up the law is! And they didn't think that Google could just leave? Really those legislators leave on another planet!

  5. I wonder how Islamic Extremest's would feel if the US decided to launch a missile strike on Mecca? They should feel privileged to be alive on this earth, if we really were the satanic dogs those extremest's claim us to be, they wouldn't be alive to complain about anything. Fucking Pansy's.

  6. Its always great when a company finally decides not to bow to complete stupidity. Do the complainers think non-local readers have time to surf through tens of thousands of news sites from around the world every day? I just don't get the logic that they felt they would be better off antagonizing one of their primary sources of non-local traffic.

  7. yes but how big where the eggs where they medium, or large or extra large, jumbo eggs, where they free roam chicken eggs, organic eggs?  lot's of different types of eggs I would like more specifics from vices investigative report team in the future.

  8. Taliban once more showing that the hopes of western politicians to get out of Afghanistan by negotiation are nothing but force optimism in the face of defeat. The Taliban want a tolitarian theocracy under their control and will committ the most heinous crimes such as indoctrinting children for suicide bombing to reach that Goal period.

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