Joe Rogan Experience #1027 – Courtney Dauwalter

Courtney Dauwalter is an ultra-marathon runner who recently won the MOAB 240 race in Utah in under 58 hours.

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  1. The baseline for someone who takes 6 months to recover from a marathon is someone who is running one for the first time and is racing it. I.e. not jogging it like Cam would be doing. If he was to race a marathon, he wouldn't able to run one again the next day. When i say race, i mean leaving everything on the course and being totally depleted when you cross the finish line.

  2. I just calculated how fast her average speed would be doing 383 km in 58 hours… it’s 6.6 km/h … so I could totally do this….I walk at that speed…however it is on a flat surface…so I’d have to jog here and there to make up for all the uphill portions….lol

    Yeah it’s a long long time…but I’m a fat burner…still think I could do it…just need to test my endurance level…I can walk 3 hours without breaking a sweat…only question is how I’d feel after 50 hours…lol

  3. Oh my god! What an incredible person, 230 plus miles! She is so humble and cool as a cucumber, she has such a beautiful smile and SHE IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PERSON, she can do what I never could. I love her

  4. It always bothers me, a LOT, when Joe Rogan puts on his "science-cap." People don't understand the amount of time and effort it takes to become an academic, or the amount of PREREQUISITE KNOWLEDGE required to formulate a MEANINGFUL opinion. Joe believes his observational-experiences somehow allow him to transcend and bypass this, and gleefully claims, "People don't need 6 months of rest in-between marathons. My buddy runs one everyday! He's fine!" Yeah, Joe….Just because your buddy doesn't immediately display any of the negative repercussions from this intense training, this doesn't mean they aren't transpiring. For example, when he's older, he will probably suffer from SEVERE arthritis, all kind of joint issues, and that's just the TIP of the iceberg.

    Stick to talking about MMA, and leave the science and Academia to those who have been properly trained. Ordinarily, I'd let meat-heads have their invalid opinions, and not say a mumbling-word to the contrary, but YOU have a responsibility to your listeners: don't mislead them with your ignorance.

    I'm 38 years old, and from the things I did in my teens and 20's, when I wake-up, I can't walk to my fucking bath-room.

  5. Asshole, Rogan. You don't kill rattlesnakes. That's disgusting. Call someone to have it moved. And it's not weird to see rattlesnakes in Santa Barbara. We see them all the time in spring and summer. And your ideas about mountain lions is ignorant. They're endangered animals that are trying to survive in an area where man has destroyed its habitat. You even said that. But still you believe it killing it. Why don't you get someone on the show to talk about these kinds of issues rather than spreading your ignorant see-it-kill-it notions.

  6. She is very likeable and a true freak of nature. They need to study her metabolism to discover what literally makes her tick. Food matters for most people. What world-class athlete mentions "nachos, candy and beer" as the first three things when asked "What's your diet like?" And don't forget it's that diet of the "average American," as she calls it, is what has been clinically linked to diabetes and other diseases and disorders. And she's not 22. She's what, 33? I wonder if she'll ever start feeling it.

  7. I'm not here to be disrespectful to her but I listen to her and she has absolutely no idea how she did this and beat all these people including men, and she eats nothing healthy??? I'm calling some trickery and eventually we'll see an answer about how she "dominated" the competition

  8. Joe cannnot compute:

    “You do understand you pummeled Everyone in the race, right?”

    “Thank you.”

    “But you do understand you killed everyone, right.”

    “Hahaha. I mean….”


  9. My guess is since he had been running, the venom got to his heart fast and he died. Fast beating heart and adrenalin pumping through him, yeah, not a good combo for snake venom.

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