Joe Rogan Experience #818 – Mike Schmidt

Before becoming a door guy at The Comedy Store, Mike Schmidt worked for over 10 years as a criminal defense attorney in Wisconsin.

45 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #818 – Mike Schmidt

  1. Something no one ever brings up or wants to discuss is the utter lack of personal discretion that body cams have taken away from law enforcement. There used to be a point where you could let the piddly shit go, using your own common sense. Now, that can get you fired in a heartbeat. This needs to be discussed and brought out in the light. Everyone that's ever gotten a break from law enforcement really needs to think about this and how different things world be now. The opportunity to not ruin someone's life over something stupid has completely dissolved in most jurisdictions. It's a very real problem in many communities. Just my two cents, I truly hope someone sees this and listens.

  2. Actually Deflategate wasnt bullshit. Joe really should never ever talk about sports. Its the only time he sounds really dumb. Patriots have gotten caught cheating several times now. Its a pattern.

  3. Fuck cops… I had 3 cops break into my house and breaking my furnace leaking 300 gallons of LP into my house. This is after tyey told my mother and fiance they were going to kill me and blame it on them. I have it on video. Fuck cops

  4. Too bad the justice system doesn't treat defendants like people. As Mike Schmidt was saying about police at the end of the day being people, how come many people always assume defendants are guilty, giving an immediate bias right away? It's unfortunate but many of us have to be willing to not side with the law all the time, as the law has a job at the end of the day and its just people earning a paycheck by following procedures. It's just a profession for those interested in law, nothing necessarily noble. Citizens are more likely to be defendants against the state, may as well make the state work hard. Then again, its the state (plus their paychecks).

  5. It's unexpected how Joe Rogan has brought on many smart or interesting guests over the years, yet despite this, his audience has oceans of shitheads who I would never want anything to do with. I guess those guys are here for the interviews with UFC fighters or whatever. Close encounters of the profoundly unacademic, redneck kind.

  6. This guy's pretty knowledgeable on the CJ system in his home town, but then he goes off the conspiracy deep end when talking about Bush/Cheney and International Law. They both still travel nationally & internationally quite a bit.

  7. Wish more cops were able to interact with people as servant and protector and less like a militant prison guard. They train these guys to believe that any moment Joe public wants to end their life. When violence on police is rare as fuck

  8. would think that all the racist shit is happening in the south but its not because it is more racist in the north and especially the west coast.. yeah. way more racist than alabama dude. sorry los angeles, but california IS way more racist. and also, all of those films you see of them getting hosed WERE in the north like ohio. every riot every protest march all this bullshit.. the north and the west.

  9. Is it me or are you all retarded? It's like one random asshole just said they don't like the hate here and everyone copied it regardless of the fact that there is none.

  10. Maybe there should be regular psych evals and limits on how long a cop can be active in the field. Granted, a lot would likely lie their way through an eval, but that would probably get picked up on eventually be a good psychiatrist. And limits on how long a cop could be active in the field would increase demand for officers. So there’s issues with that idea but I think it could be worked out.

  11. It’s funny how he said that soccer is replacing war at the beginning. I read that soccer has actually stopped active wars at least twice if I remember correctly. I forget which nations were involved, but the wars were stopped, at least temporarily, so that they could have their soccer game. Which I think is kinda neat, even if it didn’t stop the wars entirely.

  12. People will get outraged over anything, especially morons it seems. This guest was very intelligent and articulate, and just an interesting person overall. He is cynical because he knows how the system works and it burned him out. I don’t blame him.

  13. unless im wrong most of what this guy sees is the state vs. so and so. being he was employed within the public defender arena. So your talking about a DA that gets elected by the people who is ultimately responsible. So in a white county it would make sense that the agenda would be keep the whites happy. whenever there is a problem with a system whatever that system may be all you have to do is look at the head jerk in charge and look at his motives. So its not so much about race but more about power and money. i think racism is sort of a eminent front these days to wash over corruption.

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