Joe Rogan Experience #804 – Sam Harris

Sam Harris is a neuroscientist and author of the New York Times bestsellers, The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation, and The Moral Landscape. His podcast called “Waking Up” is available on iTunes & Stitcher.

24 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #804 – Sam Harris

  1. I love how Sam just knows to move around topics that people are going to be emotionally unreasonable about and doesn’t actually want to fight. Good for him for going with eating ethics 💕💕

  2. By law, it is illegal to advertise eggs as healthy and nutritious. Global INDEPENDANT studies have shown over and over that eggs are unhealthy. $$$$$$ is why there is so much "confusion" on the issue.

  3. Sam harris says the vast majority of people here are law abiding citizens? Zero percent of the people here ILLEGALLY are law abiding citizens per the definition of being here illegally.

    How can anyone say something so obviously false while being regarded by many as an intelligent intellectual?

  4. I understand the ability to be receptive with your guest's views, but Joe takes it further by making these terrible jokes that obviously massage their egos. It reeks of sick desperation.

  5. Only half an hour in and I just wanted to say: read The Hidden Life of Trees What They Feel and How They Communicate by Peter Wohlleben.
    Parent trees raise their children, trees will share resources, feed a diseased tree and even keep a stump of a tree that’s been cut down alive. They can count, Communicate through the mycelium which pretty much connects everything under the soil, it was the world’s first internet. The term that’s used is the Wood Wide Web. Fungus connects it all! It’s a fascinating subject.

    We don’t know what we don’t know and we are discovering things all the time, it wasn’t so long ago we assumed animals weren’t intelligent or that they didn’t have emotion. Now we are discovering plants feel pain, that they communicate with each other…. it’s amazing.

    I’m not a vegan, I tried it for a few months just to see what the experience was like as I can’t have a discussion about something I don’t know about. It wasn’t sustainable for me. My arthritis got so bad I was put on morphine. I wasn’t healing from my active days at work and
    I became miserable.

    I’ve re-introduced free range meat that I get directly from a small farm who slaughter on a tiny scale and responsibly. I also shoot rabbits but only take enough to eat and not for sport.
    Something has to die in order for something else to live. Even plants are fed with blood and bone because the soil needs dead plants and animals in order to be nutrient rich. The world can seem cruel but rarely in the wild does an animal die of old age. It’s not nice but it’s real life I’m afraid.

    Factory farming should be banned and people should be prosecuted I think.

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