Seeking Refuge in Djibouti: Escape From Yemen

According to UN estimates, nearly 100,000 people have fled Yemen since violence erupted there in March. Of those escaping the conflict, over 20,000 have sought refuge in the tiny East African nation of Djibouti, an authoritarian state located between Eritrea and Somalia seen as a beacon of stability in the region, largely due to its hosting of a US military base.

The Markazi refugee camp, located in the arid and dusty Obock region, plays host to many of those fleeing Yemen. Refugees can live in the tented camp, where the average June temperature varied between 111 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit (44 – 50 degrees Celsius). Otherwise they can pay cripplingly high rental costs for substandard living conditions in Djibouti City.

Following on from our coverage of the conflict in Aden, VICE News travels to Djibouti to discover the effects of the war on those forced to flee their homes and start anew.

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22 thoughts on “Seeking Refuge in Djibouti: Escape From Yemen

  1. When you help your Muslim brother or sister you help them for the sake of Allah

    So please do whatever you can to help them even if it’s just a sincere Prayer
    I swear by Allah I would help them if I could so I make dua for them Allah knows your struggle Yemen he hears your Tawba your cry he will Answer May Allah grant all of you Shifaa Ameen

  2. feel no pity for these racist they are discrimiting against black african muslims in that shit hole, and others. do not accept them no place in africa, and keep away from america

  3. Somalis seek refuge in Yemen and are raped, tortured and overall mistreated. Now, it's time for the Arabs to seek refuge in a Somali country, and they're complaining. Oh, how the tables have turned…

  4. اليمن احتضنت الصوماليين منذ التسعينات ما يقرب من 27 سنه و سمحت لهم حريه التنقل داخل اليمن ، و لم يتوقع اليمنيين أن يعاملوا تعامل سئ و يخصص لهم أسوأ مكان لعمل معسكر لجوء و لا يسمح لهم بدخول العاصمه
    ازرع وردة .. تحصد برسيم
    على الأقل وفروا لهم مكان لائق بدلا من نكران الجميل.
    Le Yémen a embrassé les Somaliens pendant près de 27 ans et leur a permis de circuler librement au Yémen. Pourquoi une place inappropriée a été attribuée aux réfugiés yéménites
    Au moins, ils leur ont fourni une place décent au lieu d'une belle dénégation!!?

  5. This is the Markazi Refugee Camp in Obock Djibouti, so everyone has commented either bad or Worst we should understand one main issue after all and it's to Show Humanity towards those Refugees whom Fled Yemen because of it's Prolonged War and Basically those are Humans like you and me and no need to be abusive against them or to show spirit of Revenge against them anyway that Consequences of Dirty Leadership in any country of this world's could be go on it's own people as Refugees like this We can only Say God Bless Yemenis and Yemen too….

  6. There are also Somalis and Ethiopians fleeing to Yemen. Kind of weird when you think about it. They're only going through Yemen to get into places like the UAE and Qatar though and Yemen is cheaper and easier to go through.

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