Chapo: Kingpin on Trial | Podcast Trailer

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40 thoughts on “Chapo: Kingpin on Trial | Podcast Trailer

  1. Drink. .. Budweiser Brewing company…!!!! (Voice over that smooth music 🎢 at the beginning) ….. . voo vim vu vim eem eem vi oh eem. 🎢

  2. I have been following El Chapo for more than 7 years and drugs r a small part of who he is….wether we like it or not he has built schools ,hospitals, home's provided electricity for the whole mountain region n more…. that's why his people love him and respect and protect him their government couldn't provide for the people but Chapo gave them jobs…yes people were killed and I don't condone that but how is he so different from our country and government sending our children over seas to murder(war).. people here are starving and homeless but we r the land of the free…rite maybe if we had an El Chapo we would stick together more as a people and country

  3. Id like to know what positive impact comes from jailing this narco. I mean bad people don’t belong free doing as they please in society by any means but are we really accomplishing something here?

    The day we can let individuals consume & put in their bodies what they please, tax it & regulate these things will be the day hundreds of thousands if not millions of people won’t loose their life directly or indirectly because of it & redirect the billions these outlaws make to a nations that have a understanding in the human species & how some but not all have been self medicating due to religious, tribal & personal reasons since the beginning of time.

  4. More people will die if he remains locked up. Just let him go and give him amnesty so he can control everything instead of have everything turn messy and unorganized as a result.

    Pablo Escobar deserved to die but come on, El Chapo is a completely different case. As far as I know he's done more good than bad.

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