Joe Rogan Experience #310 – Neil Degrasse Tyson

JRE #310 – Neil Degrasse Tyson, Brian Redban

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  1. Because russia are going to do it we will do it first. What a load of bulls..t . Russia not doing it so we are not going to do it so just close nasa down waste of money . So so china just went to the dark side so y not nasa have to do it first . Does not add up ?

  2. On the fart theory, if Neil didn't move from the supposition that Joe wasn't right, in the same way Joe moved towards the Moon Landing with the presupposition of it being fake, he'd acknowledge that Joe had a good point. In the same way that complex scientific equipment has been developed to find evidence of particles and matter previously unknown, there can still be phenomena we are not able to perceive with our sensory organs and the technological instruments currently in our possession. Neil knows this. I love Neil and Joe. But it's too bad that it often comes to taking sides in arguments, where both camps (from the perspective of an assumed divide) carry excellent points. Goes to show the emotionality, complex interpersonal interactivity patterns, cognitive biases and lots of other factors shape our communication on exciting topics.

  3. Joe asks some Questions that some want answers on even if you agree or not . One thing I know is true former Presidents have said they would really look into the UFO Question and somehow forgot all about those comments once in office and this has happened more than once.

  4. I remember before 2012, a mate trying to tell me (forgetting that I'm an avid space nut since I was a kid, and mad for my facts) that the centre of the galaxy!!! ( of which we are a part of ) was going to come between us and the Sun on Dec12th 2012????………….I would have loved to have seen a video recording of my facial reaction as it probably went from stupefying confusion, to complete hysterical laughter to streaming tears not being able to catch my breath while my mate sat there looking so hurt and embarrassed, because I think in that moment, he had actually heard what he said in my reaction, and realized……….don't listen to 99% of the shit you hear online dummies!

  5. This is all old and discussed and he’s changed his mind but the Kennedy tapes that came out since then talking about how Kennedy couldn’t care less about space and it was about beating the Russians …. lol exactly why we’ve now been back. Of course conspiracists will say the tapes are fake or whatever. Heh

  6. It's not that we don't believe it. My best friend asked me once, "Do you believe we landed on the moon?" I answered yes. Then, knowing me well, he asked, "Do you believe we first landed when they say we did?" I answered no. People often ignore that as an option. Everything is so extremely polarized. Start by voting 3rd Party.

  7. There were also many other nations in Soviet Union and many if not all of them contributed to beating the USA in the space race…
    I keep getting surprised every time an educated person would refer to USSR as Russia

  8. Every time I watch this guy I remember how clueless he can be. We all remember how he stated SpaceX would fail in the rocket industry. Saying only governments can successfully launch rockets.

    Neils also told us how NASA was responsible for the cordless power tools we can now buy in the shops. This also is compete rubbish. NASA even say on their website this is a myth. I always have to question this guy as he's clearly not as informed as I'd personally hoped. It's indicative of academics as a whole, they believe they know all the answers because they have letters after their names. Sadly this happens all to often. Neil is an interesting guy but remember he's human and as such can be wrong even when he thinks he's not!

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