Joe Rogan Experience #847 – Dan Carlin

Dan Carlin is an amateur historian and former radio talk show host. He now hosts two popular podcasts available on iTunes, or through his website, to download: Common Sense and Hardcore History.

45 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #847 – Dan Carlin

  1. Joe you have all this JFK talk all through your podcasts yet you have no mention or even reference to the JFK files coming to the date of declassification and the government saying that decalssifying the files would shock the public too much so they released 2 percent of the files the rest where blacked out. Why be this invested in a conspiracy and not say anything when very convincing proof comes out? Why not have a discussion of why our government did not release those files when it was legally time to do so?

  2. I think we should befriend Kim Jong un… send him bitches and beer… fly him to the USA and shower him with parade's. And be ally's… then we fly in all our jets, anchor our destroyers & carriers at his door under the allusion that we are gifting a bunch of the war machines to him…
    And once we get there, whisper in his ear… "We own this bitch now… you are my bitch now… gotcha sucka…"

    And open the borders so the people can actually eat for once…

  3. this guy does everything he can to avoid topics that has evidence against his narrative. i cant put my finger on it, but he seems really fishy. im not familiar with his work nor do i have any real problem with the guy, but i certainly do not find him very credible

  4. "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
    -Thomas Jefferson

    Sounds radical, but our Founding Fathers knew what needed to be done to keep citizens truly free. Another American Revolution is the only way to "reset" the system. That's the whole reason for the Second Amendment.

  5. They can’t be this Nieve, Dr Have a license to kill through the standard of care. The 1950s view is based on propaganda. When you have corporations and lobbyist controlling politicians, you don’t have a democracy, this conversation is a dog and pony show, both these men know better.

  6. How many god damn times is Joe going to repeat the claim that Trump said all Mexicans are rapists? He never said it. He said rapist and murderers are coming over the border with the good people. And that's an undeniable fact. I do t even care for Trump, but that constant like being repeated is obnoxious.

  7. Its so upsetting that Joe Rogan is so anti Constitution. In my humble opinion, and think he has it backwards and is quite ignorant on the matter. I wish he would take the time to read the Founding Fathers various writings, and the Constitution itself if he hasn't. The issue in his thinking is that he thinks the Constitution is suppose to keep up with our ever changing world and it can't. But it CAN, when you look at it from its original and intentional perspective, of a very limited government. The Constition, the Amendments, is nothing more than a guideline on what the Federal Government cannot do to its citizens, or get involved with. The Amendments don't grant us those rights, those rights are God given. The Amendments are for the government, not us. And these Amendments cover the most important protections we as a people need to survive under a tyrannical government, because the Founding Fathers knew that is and always will be one of the largest threats that would lead to a collapse. They didn't need to write down war or outside threat guidelines because obviously we would just fight back. The only people who view the Consitition as being outdated and irrelevant are those who are trying to use it for man it is suppose to be, and for those trying to get rid of those protections. But ill tell you right now, if you devalue or remove the Consitition and Amendments, there is ZERO guarantee that the next set up will value your right to defend yourself, or Your right to say what you want, your right to practice your religion. These God Given Rights, that the government even follows is strictly an American thing. Britain does not have this, Canada doesn't even have this. Dont let people lie to you and tell you they do. People are currently being arrested in those countries for just slightly controversial political rants on FB.
    Our system was meant to operate as States snd local governments having the power to make laws that vest fit their local community. And the Federal government has its guidelines that it can't cross, and its focus should be on protecting us from foreign aggression. Well we are a LONG ways from that now. What we have instead is a federal government that writes new laws everyday, for all the states and people in a one size fits all format. We have way too many federal government agencies, that illegal spy on us and can detain us without trial under the patriot act. All of this stuff would have the founding fathers turning in their graves. This is not the system they set up, so how can anyone say their system doesn't work, when this isnt it. It was highjscked a long time ago by fascists, socialists, and every other group of rich and radical minded people you can think of. And our older generations let it happen, they let all the power be consolidated at the top, the federal gov. And now instead of going back to how it was suppose to be with limited federal government power, more state power. People think we should just send it all the way and give the government the last bit of power we have managed to hold onto! Like that will work? Like we all won't just end up in a dictatorship eventually..
    Come on people, when has consolidated power ever been a good fckn idea?

  8. I know I’m listening to someone good and the information is helping me grow when my internal reactions are like
    Point: (my reaction)”hey wait a minute now!”
    Further extrapolation: “oh you do have a point there”.

  9. Never commented to YouTube in my life, but did Joe Rogan just say what Al Qaeda tried to do was a good thing? They tried blowing up the pentagon, the White House, and the Twin Towers to disrupt our gov’t and our flow of money, and he’s saying “wouldn’t that be cool if those did get destroyed?” … What the actual fuck?

  10. I live in Mississippi, and let me tell you, there are areas here in 2018 that look like you just walked into the 1950s. There is an area called Smith County, and I have family members who will refuse to go there to this day, and they're white! it's way more dangerous if you're black. These are places that are basically "sundown towns but with no signs", so you have to be real careful were you go around here,

  11. We Canadians hold our own quite well in biathlon as well, skiing and shooting are both common in rural areas here. I competed in biathlon myself for several years while was an air cadet. I'm hoping to join the Canadian Armed Forces this year so I may just take it up again.

  12. Dan 'terrified of a nano-second of dead air' Carlin O___O

    If you don't leave natural conversational pauses
    the point you are making gets crushed – under the word-scramble of making the next point.

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